School Hymn




  • Verse 1
    Let us all join our hands and pray
    At the dawn of every single day
    That we strive to do our best
    And cross over every test
  • Verse 2
    There are times when I don't understand
    But I know that you will take my hand
    Helping me to learn and grow
    With the things I ought to know
  • Verse 3
    Knowledge will empower me
    'Cause I know that it's the key
    I will always want to be
    The best that I can be
  • Verse 4
    Love and respect in all of our hearts
    We shan't fail to always do our part
    As we build upon our past
    We will make our future last
  • Chorus
    Bina Bangsa we shall strive
    Humbly serve but full of pride
    By our deeds we glorify
    Our Lord, our eternal guide