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  • Moira Renata
  • JC1 Forbes
  • Sacca Rawikara
  • JC1 Mendel
  • Nicholas Aresta Ngadiman
  • S3 Taylor
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  • Timothy Hubert Hosein
  • JC1 Faraday
“Bina Bangsa School is a very innovative school where they use new and advanced technology to help the students learn better. It provides students with the facility that they need so that the learning environment is much better. Not only the school provides the needs for the student, it also hires teachers from all around the globe to teach the students so that the student could learn and study well for their future. There are also a lot of activities such as the Christmas celebration that is done annually and it helps students to create a bond and friendship between different grades and classes. “

Timothy Hubert Hosein

AY 1819 JC 1 Faraday
“Bina Bangsa School, at least to me, is a uniquely balanced sort of education, wherein they prioritize academics basically as much as they prioritize everything else, so you have almost the same attention given to the arts, sports, the house teams, school spirit, and clubs and organisations such as the Leo Club and Prefectorial Board. What this means is that the experience we receive, growing up and being nurtured in this way, is balanced and fit for all kinds of learners, and is as strenuous as it is worth it. The life skills earned along the way become applicable – if not imperative – to the rest of your life.”  

Sacca Rawikara

AY 1819 JC 1 Mendel
“BBS, also known as Bina Bangsa School, is one of the best international schools located in Indonesia. Over the years, their students have accomplished many awards and trophys ranging from academic excellence to athletic accomplishments. As a student of this wonderful school, I feel grateful and blessed towards my parents for allowing me to enter this educational institution. Along the harsh road full of obstacles and roadblocks, the life-long friends I made and the teachers were all very kind enough to help me overcome all these distractions and temptations that impede me from my journey. My first step into the classroom on my very first day was a memorable moment as the thick dull fog that blurred my vision was cleansed with the warm and heavenly smiles of my form teacher and my classmates
Nine solid years have passed and although students come and go each year, there will always be a major surprise awaiting.”

Nicholas Ngadiman

AY 1819 Sec 3 Taylor
Bina Bangsa School is most commonly known for its academic prestige, yet I personally believe the extra-
curricular activities make the greatest impact on our students and the community. Students here are not solely focused on achieving amazing marks. We have a great music program with an orchestra, a strong sports department that frequently takes part in cups from a number of schools and a whole lot more. We have one of the most proactive prefectorial boards here. Our prefects help out with countless activities including fundraisers and exciting activities by the students for the students. In addition, we also have the Leo Club, which strives to give back to the local community while developing admirable leadership capabilities within students. It’s never a dull moment in BBS. Students are never forced nor pressured to take part in these activities, still it seems that most tend to naturally gravitate towards one or the other. These events train the students to maintain their composure during stressful situations. They train us to keep a cool head and work our way out of sudden obstacles our misfortune may throw at us. All of that is in addition to enjoying ourselves and forming bonds with our peers. We are constantly being placed in situations in which we must learn the value of teamwork and understanding
between individuals.
Our time in BBS has deeply ingrained these values in our minds and lives. There is no better environment suitable to cultivate future leaders and thinkers: Calm, yet passionate, and inspiring leaders who can lead with compassion and understanding. Thinkers who are not frightened by the unknown and revolutionary.

Harvani Sumawijaya

AY 1819 Sec 3 Taylor

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  • Ms. Yenny Kusuma Hendra
  • Parent of Benjamin & Jasmine

“I am proud to grow hand-in-hand with BBS to learn and know what I want in life and receive lots of love and hope from the children. Thank You, BBS! Thank You, Children! Happy 15th Anniversary!”

Ms. Sofi

BBS-KJP - Faculty
“BBS is a student-centric school where teachers shower their pupils with lots of teacherly love. It is a school which truly believes that every child is an extraordinaire and that the candle of excellence within each of them can be ignited to transform them into highly knowledgeable and good-natured global citizens.”  

Sivashankaran Thever

BBS KJP - Faculty
“Bina Bangsa is the school that you should be, whether you are a teacher or a student. Here, I am honed as a teacher professionally, with the trainings and the experiences it offers.  BBS is my second family, a home away from home.”

Mr. Ronald Galagatan

BBS KJP - Faculty

Ms. WuJing

BBS KJP - Faculty
“Since I started over 3 years ago, Bina Bangsa School Kebon Jeruk has shown tremendous kindness, support and professionalism   to its entire teaching   staff and within   the different departments. I truly believe that BBS KJS is one of the finest schools in Jakarta, its dedication and strong commitment to unite community through Christian faith and put the core values into action. As a parent, I can affirm that the students’ metacognition and talents are enhanced   and developed   to be the best that they can be. As the school song goes “Bina Bangsa we shall strive, humbly serve but full of pride. By our deeds we glorify….  Our lord our eternal guide.” I’m really proud of being part of this community.”

Mr. Rogel "Kiko" Francisco

BBS KJS - Secondary Mathematics Teacher

“It’s been four years since I graduated from BBS and looking back, I’m really thankful for all the years of high school I’ve had there. BBS has taught me a lot, not just how to be a good student but also how to excel in life. Everyone in BBS, the teachers and the friends, has been supportive in helping me achieve my dreams. They have helped me grow by challenging me to go out of my comfort zone and maximize my potentials. I remember I was just a quiet and nerdy girl in class. Never had it crossed my mind that I would join the Debate team and represent the school in competitions, become a prefect or help out a nearby community by building a library there. Now, I’m in my last semester at UC Berkeley pursuing Business and Psychology and enjoying my best time in college!
Happy 15th Anniversary BBS! All the best to everyone and God bless!”

Clarinda Irene Chandra

BBS-KJS - Alumni
“Having completed high school from Bina Bangsa School provided me an edge as I entered college in the United States. The teachers are approachable and kept me engage in class materials inside of class. Nevertheless, they became peers outside of class. The friends that I made became lifelong friends and became an essential part of my network as I grow up.
 Most importantly, my 10 years in Bina Bangsa has provided me the platform to grow as a person and further discover myself through inside and outside of class activities. Something that not a lot of institutions provide. Not only is Bina Bangsa one of the leading education institution in Indonesia, the hands on experience that was provided to me was priceless and I could comfortably say shaped who I am today. There were countless opportunities offered to me as a student which gave me the platform to fail and step back up. Currently, thanks to Bina Bangsa School, I am a Junior Pursuing Finance & Information Systems in University of Washington, Seattle.
Congratulations to Bina Bangsa School as they approach their 15th anniversary. I am looking forward to hear more successful stories shared by students as they graduate from one of the leading institutions in Indonesia!”

Stanley Madjukie

BBS-KJS - Alumni


I’ve been a part of the BBS family for 11 years now, starting all the way back in Primary One and I could not picture a better place to grow and develop myself. This is where I learned my strengths, my beliefs, my fears and my purpose. I started as a blank canvas but throughout the years with the helpful guidance of my caring teachers and the loving support of my friends, I was turned into the complex piece of art I am now.

Nathan Yong

JC1 Zeal (Academic Year 2018/2019)
When i stepped into BBS for the first time, my heart was laced with anxiety, trepidation and uncertainty. But after 5 years of arriving here every morning, greeted by the same reassuring smiles of the security guards, the warm beams of the cleaners, and the firm proud waves of the teachers, slowly but surely, it started to feel like home. Here, in this home, I have thrived, in ways unimaginable to the me of the past. My growth and development-I owe it to the competitive environment and unwaning guidance from the teachers of BBS. With this, I can safely say that BBS has become a stepping stone for me to reach greater heights, and excel in life, just like it will do likewise for all its other students.

Andrew William

JC2 Victory (Academic Year 2018/2019)

“I believe that most schools have great facilities to offer, but only a few really focus on the holistic learning of the students. I found that in BBS PIK. Throughout the eleven years that my daughter has been in BBS PIK, she has grown into a confident, educated and compassionate person.” “It has been an unparalleled pleasure and honour having BBS PIK as a school. All the teachers guided my daughter with knowledge and wisdom, which I truly appreciate.”

Susi Sumarno

Mother of Calista Adele Yapeter, class of 2018
Bina Bangsa School Pantai Indah Kapuk is one of the few schools that goes beyond academics but also emphasises character and moral education.Having sent three of my children to BBS PIK, I have seen their growth in term of physical and teaching facilities and an assured of my children’s life long learning.

Ratna Juwita

Mother of Renaldo Hermawan, Renaldi Hermawan and Renalda Hermawan BBS PIK - JAKARTA

Maths Teacher – BBS PIK – JAKARTA Primary School Since 2012
I have been working in Bina Bangsa School for almost seven years so it feels like my second home. I joined BBS as a trainee teacher in their programme called TEACH academy. At that time, my colleagues helped me to adjust with the school system and some senior teachers guided me patiently. The school, itself, provides trainings and workshops for teachers to help us grow professionally. There are many other opportunities given to me to experience and learn new things, such as coaching the girls’ soccer team, assisting the badminton team, accompanying Primary 6 pupils to their Singapore trip, among others.

Christly Debiora

Maths Teacher - BBS PIK - JAKARTA Primary School Since 2012
It makes me proud as a teacher to find the names of our students among the top scorers in esteemed international assessments. Bina Bangsa has indeed put premium to academic excellence and has provided a pathway for its students to move on to higher education abroad, including some Ivy League Universities. It keeps itself updated with current relevant trends in education and hopes to deliver the education that every student deserves. It has, indeed, aimed to shape its students into competent leaders in the future. Bina Bangsa, however, has not neglected the development of the ‘heart’ that will make a leader whole. It ensures that every student is given a chance to learn that it is as important to be compassionate as it is to excel academically. Bina Bangsa school desires to be able to hone its students into life-long learners, both in mind and in heart. As a teacher, I am proud to be included in the team of educators who have the opportunity to serve society this way.

Joanna Pedraza De Guzman

Lead Teacher, English Language & Acting Vice Principal BBS PIK - JAKARTA - Primary School Since 2008
Working in Bina Bangsa School (PIK) for the past 3 years opened up different opportunities for me as an educator. I was given the chance to work with a dynamic community of teachers and school leaders who champion excellence in education. BBS fosters an environment that accepts individuality and differences among its teachers and school staff, moulding learners into leaders who are grounded on the word of God.

Mary Anne Cristobal

Science Teacher, BBS PIK - JAKARTA Primary School Since 2015
The students at Bina Bangsa School are exceptional. I am inspired every day by their ambition and their thirst to learn. It’s wonderful to work at a school where you can wake up in the morning exited to get there. We have a really wonderful school community.

Apolline Lucyk

English Teacher, BBS PIK - JAKARTA Secondary School
I have been a teacher in Bina Bangsa School for 8 years now. This institution feels more like a second home than a workplace. The students, teachers and staff form a community which provides opportunities for each member to grow and be their best. I am grateful and privileged to be a part of the Bina Bangsa School community.

Andrea Diana V. Galit

BBS PIK - JAKARTA Secondary School

The best part of my experience in Bina Bangsa School was my teachers, they were very passionate when it comes to teaching us. One value that I always carry with me from Bina Bangsa School is that I will always be a life long learner! That value has helped me in many occasions to be curious with the little things in order to solve problems throughout my life’ journey.

Jhameson Ali Ko - Alumni Class of 2011

The thing I like the most about BBS is the school environment and close relationship developed with teachers and friends. The teachers provided a lot of time and effort (e.g. giving extra classes)  to make sure that each and everyone of us in the class succeed. I have also enjoyed the friends that I met back in BBS, through all the ups and downs that we went through, they became friends for life. BBS taught me discipline and perseverance, which to me, is the two most important values among all others to help me succeed in life.

Daniel Kalip - Alumni Class of 2011

Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Currently working as Consultant at McKinsey & Company
Studying in BBS had given me the most memorable moments in my life. I struggled many times during my 6 years in BBS, both in studies and friendships, but in the end I realized that each hardship had taught me that discipline, teamwork and dedication are important in life.  As for teachers, I can’t say that all of them are perfect, but I know one thing that they have is their own way to help their students in need. I know now that they only dream for their students to succeed in life. BBS provides a great learning environment and facilities for students. Aside from studying, I enjoyed participating in school events, such as, Sports Day, Arts Week Bazaar and Run For Fun, but personally my favourite was the Orchestra.
Overall, I had a great time in BBS. And I am thankful for all the teachers and friends for teaching me many life lessons that shape me to the person I am today.

Meilani Oeikilisan

BBS Alumnus
Bina Bangsa School provided me with the necessary knowledge, environment and learning mindset for me to venture of my dreams in my university. This has without a doubt helped me in starting my own healthcare startup in Canada and also previously working in one of the biggest companies in the world, IBM as a Deep Learning Engineer. Thank you BBS, and keep on striving to be the best.

Peter Tanugraha - Alumni, Class of 2014

Currently working at IBM, Deep Learning Engineer
Throughout my years in BBS PIK, I have learned plenty of valuable life lessons that are very useful for the university life. While BBS has continuously encourage and push me to do my best academic wise, BBS has also made me a more well rounded student by proving that some lessons may not be taught in the classroom. BBS has equipped me with experiences that are rewarding and irreplaceable. Not only that, BBS is a safe place, a place where you could have fun while learning. Overall, the lessons taught in BBS has helped me develop and grow into a better person.

Lucetta Joselyn -Alumni, Class of 2018

Currently studying at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
BBS was a really amazing experience for me. I met the teachers that genuinely inspired me to want to be better in life, especially in terms of pursuing higher education. I met so many amazing friends from my classes and my extracurricular activites, many of whom I’m still close with today. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun as well. I’m very thankful for everything that shaped me as an individual there.

Michelle Natasha Aditjokro - Alumni, Class of 2014

Studying at Loyola Marymount University, USA Currently work as Digital Marketing Specialist at Tokopedia
I had studied in BBS for 11 years from Primary 1 up to JC2. I did not realise it until I graduated that BBS is my ‘second home’. I love the education system in BBS and the teachers are really eager to make us ace our A Levels and attend prestigeous universities.
The students in BBS are really kind and we had went through lots of fun and difficulties and challenges at the same time. Not only I get to grow academically stronger in this school, I have developed myself as a person and definitely changed into a better individual. Reflecting back, it had been a worthwile experience for me in BBS.

Ethan Roderick Tunas - Alumni, Class of 2016

Studying at University College London
The education I received at Bina Bangsa School, both inside and outside of the classroom, really instilled positive core values in me as a person. Some of these values are embodied in PREMITCH acronym that the school promoted: Perseverance, Responsibility, Empathy, Motivation, Integrity, Teamwork, Courage, Humility.
These values have been crucial for my character development as I grow and become a lifelong learner and a positive contributor to my community and society.

Stepanus Widjaja - Alumni, Class of 2009

Studying at Santa Clara University, USA Currently working at Lumenous Peiertech, CHINA
I’m really happy with the fact that I graduated from Bina Bangsa School. A school that allows me to grow as a person. A school that guides me through Alevels which has been proved to be an important qualification in University. I have also made a lot of friends back in BBS, and we still stay in contact with each other. BBS also has given me lots of chances to expand my network, which I deeply appreciate. Overall, the things that I learnt and happened at BBS will always stick with me, guiding me through my life.

Jessie Renata - Alumni, Class of 2018

Currently studying at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


BBS has been my second home since I started school. It has given me a lot of opportunities to achieve academic excellence. It is also the place where I learn the virtues of hard work, integrity and perseverance. BBS grows me and makes me a life-long learner. I was given opportunities to participate in different international competitions like ICAS and Math Kangaroo where I had won several medals. I also took part in the school’s musical where my acting and dancing skills were refined and put to the test. To add to these, being the head prefect allows me to develop my leadership skills. Thanks to my mentors who supported me in all these endeavors.
I will not be able to know my own strengths and weaknesses without the experience I have here in BBS.
My journey is not over yet. I know that in BBS, I can soar to greater heights. The sky’s the limit here in BBS.


P6 Faith -2015-2016
Even though I have only been a part of Bina Bangsa School Bandung for a little more than a year, all the things I have learned have helped me become better in both my academics and life. The great thing about this school is that we are constantly surrounded by supportive friends and ambitious teachers, both of which help us realize what we are truly capable of. Being here for only the short time, I have wished I had moved here sooner. The teachers are so supportive and that is what is amazing about Bina Bangsa School Bandung.

Kyle Gauis Jonsson

Junior College 2 - BBS Bandung, 2018-2019
As a BBS student, I feel that Bina Bangsa School Bandung has succeeded in reaching the definition of a great school. BBS has not only become one of the greatest places of education but also a caring environment that is suitable for learning and socializing. The school uses the Cambridge curriculum that offers more insights and up to date education. In addition to that, Bina Bangsa School has also a variety of teachers from different backgrounds and countries and this greatly increases the scope of learning and different teaching styles. Based on my experience, BBS Bandung often gives students opportunities to explore the outside world through educational trips here and abroad and global competitions such as the SEAMO or ICAS. Being in this school, I get to experience high standards of education and outside school exposures accompanied by values such as integrity, compassion, passion, ability to inspire and teamwork, which I believe will profoundly shape my future.

William Teguhlaksana

Sec 4 - BBS Bandung, 2018-2019
Bina Bangsa School Bandung helped me to realize my potential not only in academics but also as an individual. I am blessed to be part of an institution where I am not only prepared academically, but also emotionally, and spiritually. Outside the classroom, I am able to explore my talents and participate in many community service activities. Students are given a holistic education to be well- rounded individuals. I am surrounded with supportive friends and thoughtful teachers. These are just few of  the many things that Bina Bangsa School Bandung offers to all students.

Peter Edward Jonathan

Junior College 2 - BBS Bandung, 2018-2019
BBS Bandung has made me the person I am today. The school has helped me grow into a better person and it gave me the confidence I never knew I had in me, by giving me a handful of opportunities to join international trips and school immersions, as well as international competitions. Thanks to the school’s supportive environment, I am able to learn new things every day.  

Alylah Zalfah Gusmayadi

Head Prefect - BBS Bandung, 2018-2019
I’ve been in this school since Kindergarten, I grew up here. Life-long learning is being promoted, and the teachers are always glad to help us target the most productive future. Bina Bangsa School Bandung not only focuses on our mental capacity but most importantly on our character and potential. Our community is so supportive, and a positive environment is something you will surely find in BBS. 

Shannen Olivia

Sec 3 - BBS Bandung, 2018-2019
Personally, I believe that Bina Bangsa School has helped me in many aspects of social skills such as public speaking, brainstorming, teamwork between and among people, decision making, and so much more. When I first started in BBS, I was rather a shy person. However, with all the opportunities this school has given, I was able to grow into a more mature and confident leader and for that, I am forever grateful to BBS.

Jun Song

Student Council President - BBS Bandung, 2018-2019

Reaching a 11-year milestone is not an easy task but we, the parents of Matthew, feel very happy with the standard of education and dedication shown by  all BBS teachers and staff. We hope that BBS Bandung can maintain and keep on improving the standard of education and services in the years to come.

Ms. Yulia Kahar

Mother of Matthew Bradford Kahar, BBS Bandung
May God continue to bless the school and grow to be the best place to nurture leaders of tomorrow.

Ms. Chatalia Suryadi

Mother of Calvin and Dylan Suryadi, BBS bandung
For one decade, BBS has helped many students to have bright future through opening doors of opportunities. I am thankful for the dedicated people who have been helping the students succeed in their endeavors. Please accept my best wishes for more anniversaries and years of success.

Mr. James Aryadi

Father of Nicole Josephine Aryadi, BBS Bandung
We are grateful that we are part of this wonderful institution for almost eight years now. We have seen the improvement in the quality of education and school facilities it provides. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Fanneke Tjandra

Mother of Landon, Nathen and Emmaly, BBS Bandung
My son, Ristan, is learning while having fun in Bina Bangsa School. He has experienced the best learning support and facilities to explore ideas and his curiosity.
The teachers are really helpful and always give their best to educate my son. Ristan is taught with discipline and affection. He has shown a lot of improvement with his knowledge and creativity. He is growing to become much more friendly, confident and independent.

Ms. Tanty Widya

Mother of Ristan, BBS Bandung
Both of my kids go to BBS Bandung. It is one of the best International Schools in the city. The school has played a great role in my children’s  development.
The reason why I choose BBS is because not only it provides international education that let my kids achieve academic excellence, it also provides quality education by having excellent teachers and staff who care a lot about my kids.
The teachers are very dedicated and they recognise the positive strengths of my kids and give them many opportunities for them to do what they are best at.
Furthermore, the teachers also continuously support and teach my kids to be more confident and never give up to achieve their own goals and dreams.
Special thanks to all the teachers in BBS.  One of my kids was shy, timid and very reserved initially but now, she grows to be a better person which is more open and confident. It is an honour and blessing to be part of BBS Bandung family.

Ms. Felicia Hermawan

Mother of Hailey Angelica Lendry and Chelsea Angelica Lendry, BBS Bandung
Being full time working parents, having our children in BBS grant us peace of mind. The teacher’s detailed dedication in providing us detailed updates of our children’s performance progress is second to none. While focusing on academic achievement is vital, BBS also pays detailed attention to extra curricular development to ensure our children to grow to become creative and future proof individuals.

Dr. Clifton Wijaya

Father of Cedric (K2) and Christopher (P3) Wijaya
I was not interested in BBS at the first time I heard about it. There are so many international schools in town with their own unique features and characteristics. I began to gather some information when my daughter asked my opinion about her plan to move to BBS. I visited the school, talked to some friends among others. After she enrolled, I found out that the teachers are very dedicated and are  professionals, the curriculum is well organized and it meets the international standard. Moreover, since most of the teachers are expatriates, my daughter gets used to meet people from every parts of the world. She learned a lot at school, both academics and non-academic aspects. Moreso, the school puts equal emphasis on the religious and ethical issues, besides the concepts to live a practical life.

Mr. Bernardi Widjajakusuma

Father of Adriana Christie Widjajakusuma
I would like to first express my gratitude as a parent on how Bina Bangsa School has played an integral partner in my child’s development. A personal thank-you to Ms Eva, director of Bina Bangsa School – Bandung as she has always been concerned about my son’s development even before he actually enrolled in BBS-Bandung. She extended her help to get my son prepared for our pre-school here in BBS – Bandung.
The school’s belief that every child is important is not merely a tag-line, but a precept it faithfully adopts. There is no special treatment given to my son just because my son is a child of one of her teachers. The school gives the same equal opportunities to all children in the school. Aside from the accolades and successes the school had achieved in academic competitions, it has also acquired over the years a reputation for transforming lives. I have personally seen how many of our students have changed for the better over the years they spent in BBS Bandung, the result of the tireless efforts of the dedicated and passionate teachers in the school.   
Happy 15th year anniversary and more power, BBS! Thank you for your continuous support!

Mr. Jerome Lupisan

Parent, BBS - Bandung

Bina Bangsa School has been my home in Indonesia for 8 years now. I continue to grow as a teacher, learning new things each day. The support I get from the school community makes me strive to be a better person. The school environment is very positive and people work together for a common goal. What I like the most about Bina Bangsa School is that quality education is on top of the priority list. With that in mind, the leaders of the school will always provide professional development programs for the teachers who, in return, will mould the learners, the future of the nation. I cannot think of any other school that takes care of her teachers the way Bina Bangsa School does.

Mr. Lemuel

BBS Bandung Primary Faculty (2008-2016)
  • The school community’s warm and friendly atmosphere had given me a good head start in transitioning to teach in an international school. Each individual working in BBS from the staff, teachers and administrators, were helpful in guiding and teaching me how to adapt with the school’s learning environment.
  • Likewise, the school’s initiative in providing adequate trainings did not only promote professional growth for teachers but also served as a venue for collaboration and vision among BBS stakeholders. These things widen my perspective in the teaching-learning faura and empowered me to explore and take risks in applying what I’ve learnt in the classroom setting.
In the same way, students in Bina Bangsa School were also respectful and enthusiastic in terms of learning. Parents were also cooperative enough to work hand in hand in terms of their child’s progress. These essentials will continue to bring Bina Bangsa School to miles of success in the future. success to come for the BBS Family!

Ms. Marigold

BBS Bandung Primary Faculty
Joining Bina Bangsa School for the first time this year has been an enriching and wonderful experience. As a Pre-school teacher, it is such a joy to be with smart and good mannered young learners as they make the learning process an enjoyable one. Aside from this, having a group of parents who are always there to support us in our activities have made this school year quite a successful thus far. I truly believe that this makes BBS stand out from others. Additionally, as a newcomer in this institution, it really helped a lot to be surrounded with passionate, hardworking, and accommodating co-teachers and administrators who take time to mentor and guide their new teachers as they adjust to the work culture of BBS. Finally, keeping up with their promise to deliver
exceptional and world class education, they make sure that their teachers regularly attend avenues for professional development.
With the countless opportunities to attend seminars and conferences, BBS Bandung teachers are sure to be kept up to date of the latest teaching trends and techniques. When you have all of these in an institution, you can be sure that each and every student who walks the hall of Bina Bangsa School Bandung is on his/her way to becoming a competitive and responsible global citizen.

Ms. Jet Sunglao

BBS Bandung Pre-school Teacher

Being in BBS since Primary 4, I have seen inside out how BBS takes care of its students. Therefore, it is no exaggeration when I say that all the BBS teachers and staff always give it their best in nurturing the students, from actively providing students with innumerable opportunities to participate in competitions, both internal and external, to attending seminars and training workshops in order to better their expertise in teaching. This I have experienced, and henceforth I am eternally grateful to the institution for instilling the skills I need in order to dive into and be useful to society. 
May BBS continue to succeed in creating future leaders.

Steven Davly

BBS Class of 2018 Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne
Bina Bangsa School- Bandung to me is like my second home during my highschool years. It has provided me with lifelong friendships. Challenged me in my academic journey and it has enhanced both technical and non technical skills that would be relevant for university studies and also in the workplace. I hope that the institution will continue to develop and nurture lifelong learners.

Abraham Suriadi Halim

Junior College 2 Batch 2016
I am thankful for the BBS community which pushed me both inside and outside of the classroom. BBS teachers helped me to excel in my A levels, which have allowed me to accelerate my university studies. I was entrusted with many opportunities to get involved in various extracurriculars and student organizations that allowed me to grow in my leadership skills which have been useful in many ways. I am grateful that the BBS community has been supportive of me in many ways and has acted as a launching pad as I began my university career. I hope that BBS continues to support its students, launching them into greater things that lie

Jason Kester Hanani

Class of 2014, BBS Bandung Alumni Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) Industrial & Operations Engineering, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Well, going up from Primary 1 to Secondary 1, there were good times and bad times. Even if it was challenging, it was really fun. Now I’m in Secondary and I know its going to be challenging too. There were fights, laughters and sadness. During this trip, I have found friends I can count on and got many memories. Memories that I cherish. When I first came to Bina Bangsa during Primary 1, I did not want to talk to anybody other than my friends from my previous school. But as I grow, I learnt that it is very important to make new friends and it is very rare for you to find a friend that you can depend and count on. So, I am grateful that I have such great friends.During my elementary days, the teachers would give us plenty of homeworks. But it feels really great when you accomplish it, especially projects

Theodore Richard Oentoro

Secondary 1
The first time I studied in Bina Bangsa, I didn’t know anything. But I knew one thing for sure, that the teachers and friends in Bina Bangsa are kind, so I’m not scared. Time after time, I knew more and more things. I liked my friends right away. Some of my friends liked to play games. Their games were enjoyable. Most of the time I joined their games. I really enjoyed playing Freeze and Melt because I liked running. I was one of the fastest runner in my class. I got some best friends, too. When I was in P2, I liked to play sports very much. I like PE class, although my PE teacher is a bit strict but I’m not scared, I still love PE. It’s because exercising makes us healthy.  Now I’m in P3, my school moved to another location. When I arrived the new school, I was very surprised. This school is bigger than the old school. I also met new teachers. They have so many talents. One of them can even play saxophone. Others are really good in music. I really want to be like them. I have a very funny teacher too. He likes to tell jokes. He can make me laugh. I think he is the funniest teacher. I really enjoy being in Bina Bangsa. I hope my younger sister will enjoy being here when she will be in P1 next year.


P3 Student
It was my first time in Bina Bangsa when I was 6 years old. I was in Primary 1. The friends that I knew were only Joey and Lea. I was trying to make friend with the others. When I was in Primary 3, Ms Kate made us some sushi, and shared it with all of us. It was a very fun experience. Now I’m in Primary 4. With Ms Macy, my English teacher, we went on a field trip to Batu Secret Zoo. I played with my friend Lea until we burst into laughter. Our science teacher, Mr Rod, is also very funny and Science is taught in a fun way. I have lots of fun in Bina Bangsa with my friends and teachers.

Alice Hari Soejono

P4 Student
When I was younger, I attended school in Sydney, Australia. Then, my parents told me that we would go to my dad’s hometown in Malang, Indonesia. So, my parents were looking for a school for my brother and me. My mom heard from her friends that Bina Bangsa School Malang is a very good international school. The next day, we took the entrance test and we passed. My mother also bought a new house so we could reach school faster. But then, this year BBS transferred to Riverside which was very far from my house. Oh No! Eventhough it is now far from my house, I am still in Bina Bangsa School, because my brother, my parents, and I really like the school. I am learning many good things here. Children also learn not to be late, not to fight and tease.  This school is the best school for children who want to learn better. BBS is the best school!

Ashley Tavania

Well, going up from Primary 1 to Secondary 1, there were good times and bad times. Even if it was challenging, it was really fun. During my elementary days, the teachers would give us plenty of homework. But it feels really great when you accomplish it, especially projects. Now I’m in Secondary and I know it’s going to be challenging too. There were fights, laughter and sadness. During this trip, I have found friends I can count on and got many memories. Memories that I cherish. When I first came to Bina Bangsa during Primary 1, I did not want to talk to anybody other than my friends from my previous school. But as I grow, I learnt that it is very important to make new friends and it is very rare for you to find a friend that you can depend and count on. So, I am grateful that I have such great friends.


I joined Bina Bangsa School in Primary 1. I remember when I was still in Primary 3, I found every subject challenging. When I’m distracted, and when I don’t listen in class, I can’t  even solve the simplest problems. I admit that school doesn’t always go the way I want it to be. And when I was in fourth grade, I was quite rebellious, and it was very often for me to travel. My grades were falling. That’s when I realised I need to fix it. Finally, I was happy with the result. Now, I’m in Secondary 1, I do not know what will happen in the future. I did so many things in the past, both good and bad, and I’m trying to learn from it. I’m just hoping that things will turn out well. One experience that I will never forget is our community service program. We went to a place for children with special needs. I felt thankful for everything I have, my health, my condition, my everything. Before, I was never fully content of myself. I felt like I needed to be better than the others. Now, I try to be thankful towards God for everything that has been given to me.


 It was on July 2005 when I entered the BinaBangsa School. My batch was the first set of primary students for BinaBangsa Malang to have. It was a great honor to be the first pure product of this school. It was on the first day of school and I didn’t know where I was supposed to go and who was who. But as I walked around the building looking for the Primary 1 class, I met an anonymous person that led me to my class. As I entered I saw 10 children as small as I was. There were 4 boys and 6 girls. Despite the fact that they are my classmates, I was keeping myself quiet because I wasn’t able to recognize for any of them to be my friend. I picked my seating spot and just stared at the others playing and interacting with one another. Not long after that I met that anonymous person, which I sooner found out that she became my class form teacher, Ms. Avon.  After she entered and introduced herself in front of the class in Indonesian language but it wasn’t very fluent as I thought. After introducing herself, we introduced ourselves. As time went on, I got closer with all the boys, we became very close friends. Because this was a small class, I was able to be friends with this entire class because it was only small class. This class was very cheerful. Primary 1 went on very fine and another student entered on the second semester, immediately we became friends, so did the other boys.


When I first put my feet on Bina Bangsa School, I was just a naughty guy who spoke bad words a million times in single day. There was nothing better rather shouting, messing things around, and doing sort of “uneducated” things. I actually want to give so much thank you to God who has changed me a lot. The story began when I lost my friends and stood alone in vain. There was nobody who even wanted to talk to me and the world seemed to be dark every single second. Then I went through every single day without having any hope of getting the friendship back. I forgot what happened, but I just stood quiet until one day, I thought I changed my attitude. I started to get my friends back. But indeed I have changed my attitude during the moments of sorrow. I realized that God had helped me and He had changed my life through that test.

Valentino Christopher Lee

Over these past 11 years, Bina Bangsa School has been my second home. The teachers are very friendly and would always encourage the students to do their best. Bina Bangsa School offers essential values to their students to become proper leaders in the future.

David Hermanto

Bina Bangsa is one of the most prestigious schools in Malang. The first thing I heard about this school is the Cambridge curriculum, which attracted the attention of my parents and myself.  Thus we decided to take this opportunity for my future. When I first stepped into this school, I felt that I was out of my comfort zone. Never have I ever befriended a bunch of rich, cool, and smart people at the same time. As a matter of fact, I was afraid too. I was really struggling. The curriculum was hard, the assignments and projects were so many, and I felt that I couldn’t catch up with my friends in that kind of state. But day after day, month after month, I realized something. I adapted, both to the curriculum and the environment. And now I have already made it this far: Graduation. Looking back at my experiences in this school, it taught me a lot about perseverance, discipline, and integrity one must have to achieve their dreams. I might not be smart, but from the past 3 years, I learned, from my friends and teachers, how to be a hard-worker and to be a person that loves his God. Thank you for the 3 wonderful years Bina Bangsa!

Devin Sandy Putra

I graduated from Bina Bangsa School in 2012, completed my Bachelor’s degree this year, 2016, and am currently transitioning to workforce. I could remember those days where the only worries are the school dramas, grades, teachers, and probably those puppy loves (haha!). The small class size has helped us to get to know each other better and we also get to know the teachers better. Close interaction among the students and the teachers is the key difference in the experience gained by going to Bina Bangsa School. I couldn’t deny the influence of the educational experience on me. As language is usually one of the largest cultural barriers, having spoken English in a fluent manner has helped my transition to life in the United States. Both my oral and writing skill in English were greatly enhanced by going to Bina Bangsa School. Another advantage the school has provided me is endurance and time management. Also, having good work ethics has prepared me for the work setting.  What I mean here is how we were bombarded with homework, tests, book reports, essays, events, and other extracurricular activities back then. The pressure to hold on despite the various tasks we have to complete has helped in forming good work ethics, where we have to be able to manage our schedule well and work hard on all the tasks assigned to ensure their completion. Good work ethic is a necessary life skill, and this has been prepared through the challenging daily tasks in the school setting. Having this life skill prepared in a school setting is ideal, as the consequences we are facing are fairly limited, as compared to the consequences in work setting. My experience in Bina Bangsa School has been fairly interesting and helpful. Just remember the ups are there for you to cherish, and the downs are for you to learn from. For the current students, just cherish your high school moments and keep the spirit going. Learn as much as possible from the resources provided by the school, and endure those CIEs! All the best and cheers!

Evan Jeremy

I graduated from Bina Bangsa School in 2012, completed my Bachelor’s degree this year, 2016, and am currently transitioning to workforce. I could remember those days where the only worries are the school dramas, grades, teachers, and probably those puppy loves (haha!). The small class size has helped us to get to know each other better and we also get to know the teachers better. Close interaction among the students and the teachers is the key difference in the experience gained by going to Bina Bangsa School. I couldn’t deny the influence of the educational experience on me. As language is usually one of the largest cultural barriers, having spoken English in a fluent manner has helped my transition to life in the United States. Both my oral and writing skill in English were greatly enhanced by going to Bina Bangsa School. Another advantage the school has provided me is endurance and time management. Also, having good work ethics has prepared me for the work setting.  What I mean here is how we were bombarded with homework, tests, book reports, essays, events, and other extracurricular activities back then. The pressure to hold on despite the various tasks we have to complete has helped in forming good work ethics, where we have to be able to manage our schedule well and work hard on all the tasks assigned to ensure their completion. Good work ethic is a necessary life skill, and this has been prepared through the challenging daily tasks in the school setting. Having this life skill prepared in a school setting is ideal, as the consequences we are facing are fairly limited, as compared to the consequences in work setting. My experience in Bina Bangsa School has been fairly interesting and helpful. Just remember the ups are there for you to cherish, and the downs are for you to learn from. For the current students, just cherish your high school moments and keep the spirit going. Learn as much as possible from the resources provided by the school, and endure those CIEs! All the best and cheers!

Desy Putri Utami

Being a student in Bina Bangsa is a privilege for me since Bina Bangsa gives the best education and has helped me throughout my struggles that I encountered. Bina Bangsa has given me remarkable memories that I shall cherish for the rest of my life. I can positively say that Bina Bangsa changed me to be a better person. Taking the chance to learn in Bina Bangsa has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my goals and be independent. The learning environment, teachers and friends are absolutely amazing. Teachers make my lessons enjoyable and at the same time challenging. I want to deliver my gratitude as a student of those wonderful teachers that helped me through all of the overwhelming lessons. These last four and almost five years have been the best part of my life. I’m grateful with my decision to continue my education in BBS and it is a blessing to be a part of this family.

Kezia Abib Yerah Tjandra

BBS gives me the chance to learn English. I’m very grateful to be able to study here. I have some difficulties in other Sciences and Math subjects since I’m more of an art person. BBS doesn’t really focus on art but their Language, Sciences and Math are awesome. The teachers are very kind; they tried their best in helping me out. Miss Yosefina Nina Rahayu, my Chemistry and homeroom teacher, is my second mom in school. She’s very kind and helps me a lot. I can’t thank her enough.

Thania Clarrinda Setiawan

Studying here in Bina Bangsa School for the past 11 years has been a total blast for me. Lessons are challenging but the teachers never fail to support us with a lot of study materials and easily understood lessons. Bina Bangsa School has also set up a very learning friendly environment that many schools have failed to create. What I like the most about this school is that it doesn’t only nurture the mind but also the heart. This school may have a relatively small number of students and teachers compared to other schools but I could say with all sincerity that Bina Bangsa School has the best community of students and teachers. One special thing that this school taught me was to be united as a class and to help support each other are the keys to success especially now that I’m sitting in JC2 where it takes so much just to graduate. Never once have I regretted enrolling here despite of the many ups and downs. The school provides the best Mathematics department which helped me realize my passion for numbers. To take my passion to a higher level I have decided to apply for Actuarial Studies in UNSW.

Vania Valentina Setyawan

Back then I actually chose BBS because it provides language subjects, English and Chinese. By attending this school, I hope that I could improve my knowledge and my skill in languages, but in fact I got more than that. Going to BBS means that you are ready to be shaped by the challenges you might meet during the school year. Overcoming such challenges needs a lot of sacrifice and sometimes even tears. Even though it’s difficult, but at the same time I’m grateful that I got to learn about perseverance and hard work. Thanks to the teachers, we were not only learning subjects but also manners. Teachers cared for the students in their own ways and always made sure that we are encouraged to be independent individuals. I looked back at the first time I attended the school and surprised that I’ve changed so much, becoming a better person each day.

Grace Permata Hati

Being in Bina Bangsa School, shall I say, is not easy. But through the high standard that the school had set, I was able to achieve my full potential. I felt constantly challenged to push myself to exceed more than what is expected. From the teachers, to the staff, to the students, there is such a family atmosphere that is perfect for nurturing academic abilities, as well as other skills too. Aside from this academic aspect, the school’s values are the ones I’ll forever remember as I start a new chapter of my life after graduating from high school. The 11 years I spent in Bina Bangsa School is something I won’t regret.

Jessica Carolina

JC 2 2015 – 2016
Being in Bina Bangsa for the past 11 years or so have been a phenomenal journey. Being with the same community and people for the all of my primary and high school life has helped me build friendships and experiences that I will cherish forever. I cannot say it’s been an easy journey for me but I guess every step of the way, teachers and staff taught me a lot of things that build me to be the person I am today.   The difficult and tough life in Bina Bangsa surely helped me prepare for my university journey ahead in University of Technology Sydney as I am going to take sports management. I not only learned useful academic lessons in Bina Bangsa, but also learned virtues which will benefit me in later years. This has been a journey filled with ups and downs, but it is a journey I will remember for the rest of my life. No amount of thank yous will be enough to describe my gratefulness for the bonds formed and lessons learned in Bina Bangsa

Joseph The Herlambang

Tough. That’s how people describe Bina Bangsa School. As a student of this school, I can’t deny the fact that Bina Bangsa is very challenging. For me, it’s where I can push myself to the limit and learn to not give up when faced with difficulties. I still vividly remember how back then, 11 years ago, my first few days in Bina Bangsa as a Primary 1 student were horrible. Back then I barely know anything about English so I can’t understand what my teachers were saying. All I could do every day was cry silently. I would like to say thank you to my teachers, who made endless efforts to keep encouraging me. Throughout the years, Bina Bangsa has provided me with a conducive, learning environment with teachers that could be my advisors, friends, and second parents at the same time.  Looking back, I knew it wasn’t a mistake choosing Bina Bangsa and to spend 11 years in this school. I believe all the losses, failures, tears, sweat and hardships are there to mold me into a stronger, better person. I was taught to believe in myself, to be thoughtful of others, to not look down on myself, to develop my leadership potentials, to appreciate myself as much as possible and many more life morals. Yes, a lot of effort had to be done to go through each test and exam, but in the end, when I finally made it through, that’s where the great self-satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment comes in. I know that Bina Bangsa has equipped me with the values I need to face whatever lies beyond in the not-so-distant future as I pursue higher education and for that, I’m as grateful as I can be.

Karina Rosdiana Anggara

I think that Bina Bangsa gave me many experiences that I may not get from other schools. Since Secondary 3, the first time I was in Bina Bangsa, the teachers taught me how to become a confident person without any doubt and fear of doing something wrong. The teachers here also help me to work harder and sometimes help me understand some concepts. They give some advice so we can do our exams properly. Some teachers also encourage me to do better in exam. And then chapter tests and quizzes are often given which makes me study more and try to prepare for those tests and quizzes well. There are many events that are held, so not only do I study but I also learnt how to manage my time well between studying and other things. I learnt also how to become a good leader in some events or groups. It was not only many wonderful teachers that I met but also amazing friends who helped me adapt in a new environment. Thank you for all who always supported me in my high school days.

Putu Sekar Maitri Dewi

Pertimbangan memilih BBCS bagi kedua anak saya adalah sebagai berikut: Nilai-Nilai yang ditanamkan, kurikulum yang dinamis serta Lingkungan yang mendukung. Ketiga hal tersebut sangat dibutuhkan untuk menjadikan anak kita menjadi yang terbaik sesuai dengan kehendakNya. Puji Tuhan, pertimbangan tadi ternyata benar dan terbukti selama mereka studi di BBCS. Tiga hal tersebut bisa mereka dapatkan, mengerti makna dan tujuan dalam hidupnya, disamping itu nilai – nilai yang sudah dicanangkan sekoIah secara bertahap telah membentuk pola dan karakter mereka menjadi lebih baik. Pola pengajaran yang mengarahkan anak untuk menggali dan mempresentasikan hasil karyanya membuat kreatifitas dan kepemimpinan mereka bisa terus diasah. Lingkungan sekoIah yang menyenangkan turut mendukung anak untuk bertumbuh dengan baik. Terima kasih untuk BBCS yang telah ikut membentuk anak kami untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik dan siap memberikan yang terbaik dalam kehidupannya kelak.

Adrian Permana

(Orang tua dari Angelia Kristanti Permana, Alicia Kristanti Permana)
” Setiap anak berbeda, tetapi anak saya tergolong lebih berbeda dari anak lain. Di rumah dia adalah anak yang berbakat, kokoh, bertanggung jawab dan berani menghadapi segala sesuatu. Namun, di sekolah dia adalah anak yang selalu gagal, dan terancam tidak naik kelas. Walaupun kemampuannya di bidang lain telah memberikan banyak penghargaan untuk sekolahnya. Untuk anak yang sangat berbeda ini saya membutuhkan sekolah yang dapat lebih bertoleransi terhadap kelemahannya, dan dapat bekerja sama dengan saya untuk membina dan mencari bakat-bakatnya yang terabaikan. Upaya ini tidak sia – sia dan saya temukan di BBCS. Setelah lulus dari O level di Bina Bangsa Christian School, anak saya melanjutkan sekolah di Kanada. Sudah 5 tahun hidup mandiri di Kanada dan telah mendapatkan beberapa penghargaan internasional. Saya berterima kasih kepada Bina Bangsa Christian School, dan semoga BBCS tetap mendapat berkat dari Tuhan untuk melahirkan anak bangsa yang tangguh. Sejarah hanya lahir dan ditulis oleh anak bangsa yang jujur, berani, tangguh, dan tidak pernah menyerah.gave them their best.

Prof. Dr. Siusana Kweldju

Orang tua dari Christina Sandi Tjandra
Saya adalah mama dari Irma & Ricardo. Irma, setelah lulus IGCSE dari BBCS, melanjutkan ke Secondary School St. Ursula, USA selama 1 tahun. Dia ingin lebih memantapkan bahasa lnggris dengan logat yang asli, karena yang belajar di sana semuanya orang asli dari Amerika. Dan saat ini, Irma melanjutkan studi di SFS (San Francisco State University), USA, jurusan Bio Chemistry. Sedang Ricardo, lulus lGCSE dari BBCS langsung melanjutkan studinya di SIM, Singapore, mengambil jurusan Finance. Selain kuliah, Irma juga aktif menjadi pengurus di Indonesian Student Organization (PERMIAS) dan juga aktif di gereja IFGF (International Full Gospel Fellowship) sebagai penari tamborin, penerjemah dan guru sekolah minggu. Irma juga menjadi Asisten dosen atau tutor di mata pelajaran Science, Matematika dan Bahasa Inggris. Selama studi di USA, baik di Secondary School St. Ursula maupun di SFS, Irma berhasil meraih banyak penghargaan. Karena nilai yang bagus ini, Irma mendapat kesempatan untuk shadowing pada saat dokter sedang menjalankan operasi/pembedahan, Irma boleh masuk ke dalam ruang operasi tersebut. Saya sebagai orang tua merasakan banyak manfaat yang didapat anak-anak saya selama belajar di BBCS, antara Iain, materi yang diberikan di BBCS memberikan fondasi yang baik bagi mereka, juga dalam bahasa dan istilah-istilah, mereka sudah familiar dengan semua itu, hal Ini sangat memudahkan anak – anak dalam studi lanjut mereka saat ini.


Orang Tua dari Irma & Ricardo
We joined BBS when our son, Rayhan, was around 8 years old. We heard great recommendations from our father, Prof. Dr. dr. Djoni, who said that the uniquely international curriculum of BBS would lead our children to thrive in the global world. In 2016, our children would be with Bina Bangsa School for 7 years. We appreciated the move of Bina Bangsa School to the new location that was more spacious and eco-friendly. More importantly, we appreciated the rigorous teaching of BBS that put high emphasis on Science, Math and Chinese language. We were also happy that the school insisted on conducting daily activities in English, but still taught Bahasa Indonesia and celebrated Indonesian cultures (e.g. Kartini day, Independence day) so that the Indonesian students would not forget their roots and what a rich nation they came from! We would like to see such lndonesian-oriented undertakings to be more cultivated in the future. We were happier when Bina Bangsa decided to start training students to join competitions in the STEM subject areas : Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to promote the school and expose the students to academic standards set locally and internationally. On a last note, we are conlident that Bina Bangsa School would be appropriate school for families who do not mind hard work, persistence and consistency.

Dr. Irene Ratridewi Huwae

Parent of Raissa and Rayhan
Parents will do the best for their children, so do my husband and I. We believe that each child has different educational needs which include character formation. Therefore when our first daughter, Jocelyn A. Joesoef (Joey) was in her last year of kindergarten, we visited some primary schools in Malang before making decision. Considering 10-15 years ahead from the year our Joey started her primary stage and from what we have seen, we preferred to have a school with clear curriculum, intensive Mandarin lesson, supportive teachers and good environment which not only could provide good education but also could bring positive formation to our children’s values. We chose Bina Bangsa School. Some may think that a school with international curriculum is a kind of piece of cake, bourgeois atmosphere, and has limited social circle. I can tell you it depends on our way of thinking and we shall not forget that the first education given is from family. A school is another vessel to expand and prepare our children’s journey. Besides the logical way of thinking in Math, Physics, and any other lesson, Bina Bangsa School is also concerned about having a balance development with opportunities to learn sports, arts and leadership. Can we say Bina Bangsa School is the best in town? Nothing is perfect in this life. Improvement is needed continuously, even in other well-known schools which have been existing for decades. The way a school is attempting to improve and remain relevant those are the factors that count To see our children are going to school happily is the most important thing for me and my husband. From that starting point, they will learn more. They are going to the right school – Bina Bangsa School.

Monita Gunawan

Parent of Joey and Adel
Seeing our children grow, from holding their hands on their first day of primary school to what they are now is a bitter sweet feeling for us, parents. In the blink of an eye, we realize that they will have their own path to pursue their own dream. We encountered many ups and downs along their developments, and we, parents, cannot get through it alone. I have been grateful to have such a supportive circle including teachers and staff in molding our children. Really, it takes the whole village to raise a kid. I am thankful for the school’s programs, teachers and staff in giving our children chances, space to grow, opportunities to learn the responsibility and leadership and their holistic aspects which they will need. I cannot thank you enough for everyone in school for their support to our children believe they can be the best they can be. Lastly, as we all never cease to learn, I fully appreciate much for Bina Bangsa School Malang’s efforts in making improvements and educating our children. Here is to a better school, to better graduates and to us preparing their future. Cheers! God Bless us all.

Elly Widyawati Widodo

Parent of Kenny

Working in BBS is such a blessing for me, I can serving trough working on the same time. As a teacher I am not only teach my students, but also others teach me many things. it’s mean we are growing together.

Ms. Bernike Juwita Permata Sari

BBS Malang Secondary Faculty
For the past Ten years,BBS has given me opportunity to first year was not easy though,studying new syllabus,preparing lesson,conveying the lesson to students had consumed lots of time. But, with God’s guidance,everything turned out well. It is not only about students’ result and teacher’s achievement at the end,but seeing how God provides all things,maybe small things in every step of journey. Last but not least,BBS has provided a strong,supportive and cohesive community among the colleagues that enables us to grow together. Thank you BBS. God bless you.

Ms. Yosefina Nina Rahayu

BBS Malang Secondary Faculty
I have joined BBS for 8 years now. I have been through ups and downs with the school since then. One thing that stays the same regardless the time is the standard of the education of BBS through out campuses. BBS maintained the same standard through regular meetings among teachers, principals, and all the school stakeholders. This makes BBS the best school it can be!

Mr. Ignatius Widi Setyawan

BBS Malang Primary Faculty
Teaching at Bina Bangsa School Malang since 2017 is a great challenge for me. Various types of children with various characters makes me think on how to be creative in delivering the subject matter. Despite all these occasions, I am thankful to be part of Bina Bangsa School Malang. May God blesses all students and teachers at Bina Bangsa.

Ms. Eunike Wahyu Atie

BBS Malang Primary Faculty
Bina Bangsa Malang is a community of warm and friendly colleagues and staff who are always ready to assist me with just about anything that I need. They always make me feel safe and secured. We help each other. We build each other. We trust each other. That is how we are here in Malang campus. Being here for quite a while now, I must admit that my experiences stretched and expanded me to be a much better version of myself.  Every challenge encountered and every success achieved gave me precious lessons that will forever be engraved in my system.  This is what I am most thankful for – an environment of safety and security and the opportunities bestowed upon me by Bina Bangsa to help me grow as a professional, an individual, a friend, and a global citizen.  Thank you, Bina Bangsa! 

Ms. Gay Rose Urbina Margaja

BBS Malang Primary Faculty
On  Location, Structures and Facilities. The first time I saw the structures and facilities of the BBS Malang , I was really impressed. I fell in love with the location of the  campus / school as it is standing at the hills beside the riverside. The vastness of plants , trees, and bamboos , and the chirping birds  around   were really a  mood-setter. The  railway at the back of the  buildings…  and the passing train every now and then…   really added a great feeling  to the  ambiance. The silent  and cool  location of the BBS Malang is really  suitable for  good learning. Not to mention, the  facilities are  also  excellent.  The classrooms are properly ventilated and equipped with modern   instructional materials. We have  library,  halls, play grounds  and courtyards  to support the academics. Though, the school hall’s ventilation and its  technical  equipment  for  special programs and  activities can be improved in the future. The classrooms, buildings and offices are well-maintained by the Cleaning Service at all times. The campus is simply an epitome of excellent learning!

Mr. Alfredo Masola

BBS Malang Primary Faculty
On  BBS-Malang  Administration. The BBS-Malang Administration has been supportive to all our activities and programs.  Our Principal regularly meet us for some updates, reminders and important information to be implemented or disseminated to the students and parents. He has been guiding us to our instructions, plans and activities. We are always encouraged to share our thoughts and ideas for the betterment of any  department or school activities. Our requirements  like lesson plan and others are  regularly monitored. He does his rounds and classroom observation , too – to ensure quality instructions and students’ learning. Our School Director has also been so hands-on and supportive  to all our needs, too. She regularly communicate with our Principal for some concerns. She  approves our requisitions ( budget ) for any activities that support the  mission –vision of the school. She has been like a mother to all of us.

Mr. Alfredo Masola

BBS Malang Primary Faculty
BBS offers the kind of education that is holistic and responsive to the 21st century. Teachers are expected not only to teach the subject content, but more importantly, to incorporate  life skills and values. With a curriculum that is deemed rigorous, this is particularly challenging.Despite the obvious challenges, the school makes sure that the teachers are provided regular training. The administration also shows support in matters related outside the academic aspect. Teaching in BBS never falls short on challenges but the student remains to be the first priority.

Ms. Eunice Tubo Amorado

BBS Malang Primary Faculty
BBS Malang is a very special place to me. I moved here from the US in 2013 and have loved every minute of it. (I even met my wife here!) Our tight-knit teaching staff and our relatively small student population make for what I would call an ideal learning environment.

Mr. Bradley Kahlor Jakubowski

BBS Malang Secondary Faculty
I have been with Bina Bangsa since 2015, and I can categorically state that my teaching skills have improved and matured faster for the past 4 years than the previous entire decade. BBS is the third international school I have worked in but this one is by far the best for me in terms of professional development and academic integrity. The management has supported us teachers every step of the way, plus the leadership of the principal is fair but reassuring. Every member of the secondary team has been empowered to carry out lessons, utilizing all possible tech avenues. Staff morale is high at BBS Malang, people working there know their self-worth, management values and appreciate inputs and efforts. Teachers are provided with multiple opportunities for training and certifications such as Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) workshops and school sponsored seminars. Simply put, BBS is a great workplace, and no other time is a better time to be in BBS as we are in an age of transition between traditional and technological. The transition, so far, has been fortuitous and seamless.

Mr Eugenio Ancheta Rios Jr.

BBS Malang, HOD- Secondary Science
“My teaching experience in BBS Malang”
“Being a BBS Malang teacher is a different environment than you ever have experienced. The level of care and trust that the administration have in their teachers is so unique and special. You will feel loved, supported, and cheered on from the moment you sign on the line!”
“While I just started working with BBS Malang, I have felt so motivated and empowered to teach. BBS Malang is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts to change lives.
“I feel honored to work with such professional and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home among the staff at BBS Everything they do oozes integrity and excellence; it’s so refreshing.” 
“BBS Malang embodies what it means to be an organization. They are organized and united under a mission that they truly carry out in the everyday. In my first year as a teacher, I have never felt unsupported or alone; there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice.” 
“Since the moment I was hired by BBS I felt like part of a family. Staff here work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education and community.”
Teacher Support
“I feel like I’ve grown more in my 5 years of teaching. Everyone is willing to get their hands dirty to make you a better teacher. I am not afraid to try new things at BBS Malang because I know there is a family to fall back on and learn from.” “As a seasoned teacher, I felt extremely supported by the staff. I also felt confident that I would be given room to grow as an educator. It feels great to be part of a group that takes meaningful steps towards turning our philosophy, values into action and to make a school for learning.”  “The community here is astounding and there are always people willing to support you in anything you need. It can be overwhelming in the beginning but also exciting because you know you’ll be joining a family.

Ms. Euwilyn T. Longakit

BBS Malang Primary Teacher (Math 1 and Art P1-6)
On BBS Malang Students.
Our students are generally smart. Their good  status in life gave them the  special  opportunity  to speak good English  and  Mandarin as their second language. Their communication skills are  enhanced by our Cambridge curriculum.  Most of our students are not exposed in an “outside world”  that is why we need to develop their  practical , critical and analytical thinking skills. Our Singaporean curriculum help us in this challenge particularly in  our  Science and Maths subjects.  However, our students are gifted with artistry. They can really deliver  well both in sports and  performances…. and  can also  express their imagination  through Visual Arts if given the  right avenue/s . With these, I  could say  that their CHARACTER  should be developed and strengthened  more. They could be kind and sweet students ,yet, they would  sometimes neglect the value of RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT and  HUMILITY However, . I am grateful to be part of their lives as their Science teacher… imparting not only the scientific knowledge but also the WISDOM in their hearts.  Always reminding them that Over and Above  the  Knowledge and Richness in the world.. It must be FAITH and VALUES first!   I am thankful for having this opportunity to be part of the BBS community – School with great vision and mission for the future leaders of this country.  I believe and support them , all the way to the best I can!
God Speed and More power to the  BBS community!

Mr. Alfredo Masola

BBS Malang Primary Faculty
Teaching is a very noble profession that molds the character of an individual.  It also cultivates and nurtures the skills, talents, abilities and potentials of the learners.
The experiences of being part of this prestigious institution is truly a meaningful one.  I’ve found not only a venue for teaching but a family as well.  It’s very fulfilling to work with great people in this vineyard.  My talents, skills and abilities have been honed and harnessed through the responsibilities the administrators have entrusted me.  Now, I could proudly say that I can be an effective catalyst of change.

Mr. Richard M. Valderrama

BBS Malang Primary 4 Form Teacher

I felt so sick and depressed because of lessons and activities. I felt that lessons and assignments were too difficult and too many, but to be honest, I was a lazy student while I was in Bina Bangsa. But as I moved to university, I realized that I was wrong. Lessons that I studied before were exactly the same lessons that I am studying in university with some advance materials. Most materials and even examination questions are similar to ‘A’ Level and I just have to recall as much as I can. Now, I can say that my life in university has become easier and I should be thankful to God because He has guided me so far.

Andreas Santoso (‘A’ Level June 2006)

Economics, University of Indonesia
There was a time when I didn’t  understand the mathematics lesson, so I tried to talk directly to the teacher and requested for an additional lesson during the holiday for which he agreed immediately. It was beyond my expectation that he would sacrifice his holiday just to teach me. One reason why I continued my studies in Pelita Harapan University and take teacher education as my major is the modeling from my BBCS teachers, with the hope that someday I can be like my teachers who dedicated their time, energy, and mind for the students and who always gave them their best.

Albertus Wibisono Hadikoesoema (‘A’ Level June 2007)

Teacher College – Universitas Pelita Harapan – Karawaci, Tangerang
If I were asked what is the best moment in my life so far, beyond any doubt my answer would be my experience in studying at BBCS, especially the school year 2006-2007. It was a special period for me because it was the time when I got to know many wonderful teachers and classmates who then became friends for life. During this year I also won several intra-and inter-school English Language competitions. In fact, BBCS trained me so well and developed my English language skills that all native speakers who had conversations with me or read my writings said that my English is fantastic. This year I also won a Linguistics Coursework Prize from the linguistics department in my university-a prize awarded to the student who submits the best piece of coursework for the year. All these achievements would not be possible had I not been educated at BBCS.

Lukas Hariadi (‘A’ Level June 2008)

University of Salford United Kingdom
I don’t have any regrets spending my supposed-to-be the best time of my life, high-school life, in Bina Bangsa Christian School, Malang. BBCS made it a reality. I had lots of wonderful experiences. For three years, I was trained in such a way to leave behind my old learning ways; the reactive and the memorizing method. And I began to sharpen and strengthen my analytical and practical skill, my non-academic ability, i.e. social life, and my inner being, my character, my spirituality, my belief. I feel like getting the balance of life after all.

Raissa Purnamasari Setiawan (‘A’ Level June 2008)

International Business and Management Studies Course Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
English language was the main benefit I got from Bina Bangsa. Since I enrolled in an international university, I met so many different people from countries all over the world with different cultures and languages. Without English we would never be able to know and communicate with one another. Being used to speaking English in high school, I did not find it hard to communicate with those people anymore, and I even made really good friends with them.

Helen Sukowijoyo (‘A’ Level June 2009)

Food Quality & Safety, Jinan University, GuangZhou, China
The teachers and assistants I’ve met and known so far at Bina Bangsa Christian School Malang are more than just teachers. They’re very friendly and helpful in assisting students’ learning. It’s obvious they’re passionate about seeing students excel in their studies as well as in their spiritual well being. When I had some questions regarding any of the subjects back then, teachers would willingly explain the lesson again. The semesters’ reports did not only contain grades but also teachers’ feedback on how students performed during the year which I guess other schools won’t bother to write. Bina Bangsa School stresses on the use of English (conversations, textbooks, teaching) and this, as well as intense hours of Mandarin classes realIy helped me in my university studies. While my Indonesian friends from the national schools were having problems understanding the subjects, I could just easily get it. So I thank the teachers for helping me along the way. The program offered in Bina Bangsa is very beneficial since I only have 5 years in total for high schooI instead of 6 years like other schools. Currently I am studying in Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia to get my bachelor’s degree in Applied Finance. Studying abroad has really broadened my knowledge on cultures and it opens my mind to bigger possibilities. I also Iearned to become more independent since my parents and my helpful maids are not in Sydney. The luxury of riding a car to go everywhere was soon replaced by other means of transport Iike buses, trains, and my own feet. Making friends from different nationaiities and cultures as well as volunteering in different organizations are another way of boosting my self confidence. Bina Bangsa has really done a lot to prepare me for this stage in my life.

Yessica Yunarto (IGCSE, June 2007)

SIBT, Macquarie, Australia
Am I saying Bina Bangsa is a perfect school for everyone? Unfortunately not. I honestly admit that it still needs many more improvements to reach that compliment. But, if you seek to spend your high school life to grow into someone integrity and with God, into someone with confidence and competence, into someone who will stand out in the crowd, then, this is the place for you.

Nataya Raphaela (‘A’ Level June 2010)

IBM, Ciputra University, Surabaya
In BBCS I learned so many things that I am sure I will never get in other schools. First, BBCS is a Christian school which emphasizes Christian values of integrity, perseverance, courage, responsibility, empathy, motivation, teamwork and humility. For me, these are the core values that will serve as a strong foundation to prepare us for life. Having faith in God and having these values will definitely help us to determine which next step to take.

Alicia Kristanti Permana (‘A’ Level June 2011)

Business Administration, Biola University, California, USA
I am one of the alumni of Bina Bangsa Christian School and I would always feel delighted to be a part of the school. The times I spent with teachers, friends and staff during high school were unforgettable. You would never feel lonely as everyone was generous. One advantage I got from the school is the use of the English language in all the subjects. Personally, my English was not that good then but l already realized the importance of the language as it is the lingua franca of the world nowadays. Communication becomes easy if one learns a language that most people in the world understand. I’m very greatful for having enrolled in Bina Bangsa even thought I was just average compared to my classmates but when I joined Universitas Ciputra, my English was much better compared to that of my classmates. Studying in this school did not only develop me academically but also socially. Now that I own some businesses that involve dealings with other countries, I feel more confident to communicate in English.

Rionaldo Pradana Suhendro (‘A' Level June 2007)

Ciputra University, Surabaya
I simply enjoyed the years I spent in BBCS. l was actively involved in various clubs such as Choir Club and Basketball Club. Although the students were not many, I built good relationship with them and now these friends are like family to me. One of my greatest memories while in BBCS was the first Sports Day. It was so exciting to practice sports and dance with my team mates. The practices taught me how to cooperate and work together with the others to achieve the team’s objective. What I like most about BBCS is the fact that the curriculum gives you space to think and be yourself. Education is not about memorizing the text books but, it is about understanding the materials and be critical. Moreover, the teachers are very supportive and helpful. In the university level, critical thinking is very crucial. I am very glad that I chose BBCS to equip me with that skill and thus, prepare me for my future.

Lavina Mugianto (‘A’ Level June 2006)

The Australian National University Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)
It was a great pleasure to be part of the BBCS family. Having the chance to study and learn there gave me one great experience both academically and socially. As we all know, most universities in Indonesia conduct the lesson in bahasa while the text books are in English, so I had a big advantage of understanding the books and other materials because in BBCS, English is the first language. We studied and communicated with fellow students and teachers in English. Not only did studying in BBCS developed my thinking skills, I learned to be more critical and systematic. It helps me through my college life. Socially, since we had quite a small class size, the friendship among students and teachers was very close. We could be friends not only with fellow students but with the teachers as well. That kind of friendship is really hard to find in college life, so I

Isabella Maharani (‘A’ Level June 2006)

Ciputra University, Surabaya Bachelor of Psychology
What have I learned during those years I was enrolled in Bina Bangsa Christian School? Leadership. It’s the one word that described my experience in this school. When I went to Singapore alone 3½ years ago, the first thing I learned was to take care of myself, hence, I learned to lead myself. Three months later, I learned to deal and lead other people ever since l was selected Class Representative. I joined MDIS Student Council around that time although I needed another 2 years before I got a chance to lead the Organization. One proverb says, ”To lead others, you must lead yourself.” I continued doing so as Class Representative and University Representative (Student Council Member). Two years later, I was promoted to be one of the leading members in MDIS Student Council in Singapore, and a year later, I was promoted to one of the top 3 positions in MDIS Student Council. Obviously, the responsibility that came with each job was greater and greater. It would mean when I failed, I would also bring down those people that I led. Fortunately, I was able to maximize my potential as far as it allowed me to. I studied in BBCS in 2003 and graduated in 2007. It seemed a long yet, a short time. Long time since I learned new things everyday which made me who I am now. Yet, it is a short time since I knew that I can learn so much more if l didn’t waste any chance given to me. In BBCS, I gained every basic knowledge that, although I never knew, is useful in the future. I hated a few subjects, and those subjects, that I hated and underestimated, certainly helped me gain a certain leverage now. Also, I Iearned the basics in Leadership during the workshop I attended in 2004-2005. I like science the most and most of the time, you would find me in the library reading sclence-reIated subjects. I am glad that I did it since it has added more to my experience and of the subjects I’m currently taking. Two things I can say, I am what I am now because of the guidance of every single teacher that taught me in BBCS and I am proud to be their graduate.

Harry Christianto (‘A' Level June 2007)

MDIS Singapore
BBCS reminds me of many memories; great teachers who not only prepared me academically but also personally in acquiring life skills. They gave me opportunities and choices. They opened their hands but we, students have the right to choose and take those opportunities as assets to open and build our future life. It’s not teachers‘ choices but ours.I found lots of wonderful experiences with teachers. I met teachers from the ones that were funny, irritating, annoying to the ones that were respectable and honourable. l’ll never forget the memories I had with my class mates. They were amazing, funny with some stupidity, creativity, faithfulness, respect, craziness, laughter, bad and great habits and teamwork. I was actively involved in CCA, school anniversaries, sports day and other interesting activities and programme. The school offers lots of opportunities through programmes and activities to build our character and talents. BBCS always continues to open these chances so that we never hide our talents but release them as great weapons that would prepare us to build our confidence for the challenges and pressures in the university and in the real world. In the end, one thing that makes those things possible is a great desire to be better. Start it well and finish it well -this is the key to success.

Vito Adi Tjandrasurja (‘A’ Level June 2006)

Le Cordon Bleu, Autralia
I had no idea that I will spend my high school in Bina Bangsa. Some of my friends entered this school one year before and somehow they enjoyed being there. They gave me good comments about the school and kind of persuaded me to join them. Finally, I was here sitting, not knowing what the teachers were talking about, and making new friends. Believe it or not, my high school was the best time I’ve ever had. I spent it in the right place. I don’t know if I would have the best high school if I didn’t enroll in BBCS. Idid not only study but did a lot of other meaningful activities. Bina Bangsa was just a group of people that time, around 70, and we knew everyone in school. My English language seemed to have improved, too. I had this desire to serve God with my music talent and it was fulfilled here. So, thank you Bina Bangsa!

Irene Angelina Ongkowijoyo (‘A’ Level June 2007)

University of Surabaya Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
I am very grateful to have the opportunity to study in BBCS. I have supportive teachers who helped me grow to be a wiser person and who always encouraged me to improve myself and give the best in everything I do. I also had my friends who are very kind and helpful and we always helped each other when we faced problems. All the curricular and co-curricular activities in BBCS have equipped me with all the necessary skills that I will need for my future. BBCS taught me a lot of lessons and prepared me well for my future. When I first entered university, I had no problem following the lessons because I have Iearned the basics in BBCS. Besides all the academic lessons, I have learned all the life lessons that surely will help me in my future where I will face a lot of challenges. I would like to thank BBCS for helping me prepare for my future.

Angelia Kristanti Permana (‘A'Level June 2007)

Ma Chung University English Literature
I was enrolled in BBCS in July 2003 and graduated In May 2008. I learned a lot of things during my stay in BBCS first of which was how to become a problem solver. Not like most of the schools in Indonesia, where teachers lay out all the problems and their answers and the students just take them and memorize them, in BBCS teachers expect us students to have problem solving skills. The teachers just gave us the guide lines on the general picture of the problems and we tried to solve them the best way we could. The school also provides us wnth the activities that help us to develop our own talents. In my point of view, the best thing about BBCS is that teachers and students have a friendly relation. This relationship made me comfortable during my time in BBCS. Now I‘m a student at Jinan University in Guangzhou. The skills that I learned during my time at BBCS really helped me in my university studies. Two and a half years ago when I arrived In China, I was  confronted with a totally different situation; no more family to help, a lot of new friends and the most challenging was the language barrier. Without the problem solving skills, I would just be a lost kid in a sea of people here in China. With the skills that I got from BBCS I could gradually adapt to my situation. This year, I get the responsibiIity as chairman of the Indonesian Student Association in my university. It’s sure no small job. There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of problems to solve. It’s a hard job to balance between my school tasks and my organization job. However, with the experience that I learned during my middle and my high school years I’m able to manage it. I still have a lot of things that I need to learn, however, the years in BBCS, helped me to build a really strong foundation in my future career. I am really proud and blessed to be a BBCS graduate.

Natanael Sukowijoyo (‘A' Level June 2008)

Certified General Accounting Jinan University, GuangZhou, China
Five years of studying in Bina Bangsa Christian School Malang was one of the best and most unforgettable times in my life. I met great teachers and awesome friends who helped shape me into who I am now. I was taught well not only academically, but also physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. After finishing my Junior College (the ‘A’ Level) program, I chose to continue studying abroad, specifically at Macquarie University, in Sydney, Australia. I took the Accounting program which is what Macquarie University is strong at. When I first arrived, I didn’t find it too hard to adapt, especially with the language as I was trained to be able to speak, write, read and listen in English while I was studying in BBCS. This was a big advantage for me in my study as well as at work. Studying in another country, being far from my family and friends, has taught me to be much more independent, responsible, courageous, and hardworking. Fortunately, these values were already planted since I first entered BBS and had grown during my time there, and will definitely continue to grow.I would like to use this opportunity to thank God for everything He had done in my life up to this point. Also, I thank all the teachers who patiently taught and accompanied my friends and me throughout our school years. I learned that being a teacher isn’t as easy as giving homework and punishing students if they don’t get it done. It’s more than that. It’s all about teaching, caring and understanding. So, once again, thank you, BINA BANGSA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL!

Ribka Soesilo (‘A’ Level June 2008)

Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Living in Perth, Australia, studying Exercise and Sports Science had given me the opportunity to learn many new valuable experiences and knowledge. I did not only gain academic benefits from studying abroad, but consequently, I also learned to live independently, discipline myself, be responsible and work with different people of different backgrounds. There were of course moments of ups and downs, but the experience was definitely what had shaped me to be a better person; it is part of the process of becoming better. So, it was definitely worth fighting for. Before I went overseas for further studies, Bina Bangsa had equipped me with the skills I needed to study abroad. The use of English language in school is one of the most important benefits that I got. It helped to improve my English which in return gave me some advantage as I didn’t have to take English lessons before going to university. In addition, the scientific terms I learnt in Bina Bangsa were already in English. This helped me a lot in understanding the lessons – which are of course in English – because I was already used to the terms. If I did not study in Bina Bangsa and just learned these terms in Indonesian, I might need extra effort to learn the English terms because some of them are different.

Aristo Setiawan Tjandrasurja (‘A’Level June 2008)

Edith Cowan University, Australia
Having my high school in an international school did make several differences from going to national school. I got a bonus of excellent fluency in English, and most importantly, abundance of experiences which prepared me for the next step of my life, university life. When l look back on my time in high school, how stern my teachers were, how they taught us to be responsible, how they ”forced” us to understand the subjects instead of just memorizing them, it all makes sense to me now. University is a whole lot different from high school. And in BBCS, teachers prepared us not only to graduate, but to be ready to enter university life as well. Having only few students in one class also helped a lot. The teachers pay more attention to each and everyone of us given the number of students. And don’t be afraid of not having friends, here in BBCS I did not only find friends, l found true friends.

Ester Hans Sunanto (‘A' Level June 2009)

Brawijaya University Medical Doctor
I believe that pursuing passion is everyone’s dream and I am very thankful that God gave me the chance to pursue my own dream. After finishing my Secondary and Junior College studies in Bina Bangsa Christian School, I decided to pursue my passion in culinary and hospitality and enrolled in Tourism and Hotel Management in Universitas Ciputra, Surabaya. Here, I learned a lot about the hospitality and tourism business, leadership and most of all entrepreneurship. Building my own business, being active in campus organization and doing assignments all at the same time should really be hard to handle but with the skills, knowledge and experiences that I got from Bina Bangsa Christian School, things got much easier. Doing assignments in English is not a big deal for me, more over doing public presentations and writing reports have become easy as I’ve learned all these for five years in Bina Bangsa. With the small number of students that Bina Bangsa had, I got more chances to practice leadership and apply my organizational skills that are very important in the business environment I am in now. Besides, the business subjects that I have learned, Secondary School really helped me to better understand my current subjects and assignments. The fact that makes Bina Bangsa Christian School very meaningful to me is not just because of the things that I learned while studying there but the family that I gained and the relationships that we built. Being a part of a small community enabled me to know more about each person and therefore better trust and openness were established. These are the things l cannot find anywhere else, the feeling of acceptance for who I really am. All of us grew up together, learned to become better people and helped each other in knowing God even more. I can be the person that I am today because of the teachings I received when I was in Bina Bangsa. Another very important thing that I learned is to do my best and never aim for mediocrity. Thank you so much for giving me such wonderful experiences that I will never forget. I pray that the school can reach out to more people, educate and help the society to know God deeper.

Jessica Hartono Gunawan (‘A’ Level June 2009)

Bachelor of Economics in Tourism and Hotel Management, Ciputra University, Surabaya
Joel Barker said ‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”The vision of BBCS is ”Ever learning, ever growing by the truth of God.“ That will be my principle in life forever. I’ve learned important things about life in BBCS, not only about academlc subjects but also pertinacity in learning for 4 years. I’ve walked the 4-year journey with my friends, also guided by my teachers. It’s like any other epic journey; difficulties would always try to sink me; sometimes it succeeded in sinking me, but I tried to rise again because my finish line was still far away. I realized that l have improved in BBCS. It made me older but wiser to face the future. I learned the importance of good teamwork when I did the bulletin board, and the sports day activities with my friends. I knew that my friends (Graduates of 2010) loved me and they cared about me. Thank you friends…we’ve become the best of friends. We considered ourselves family. My teachers also will always have a special place in my heart. They gave me so many tasks that prepared me to face the challenges in university. My teachers gave me strength when the tears came.It’s all about miracles and grace from God that I can study in BBCS. Thank you teachers, you will stay in my heart forever and my friends, you are really kind to me. Thank you God, without You, my life is nothing.

God bless us all.

Betsy Maharani (‘A’ Level June 2010)ja (‘A’Level June 2008)

Universitas Pelita Harapan Teacher College (Math Education)


Hi, my name is Julie and I have two children attending BBS Semarang, Jeremy in Primary and Kimberly in the Secondary school program. I chose BBS because it has good academic and extra-curricular programs, caring teachers and excellent school facilities.
I’m happy to have witnessed many developments and improvements at BBS. I hope the school will continue to grow and innovate every year.
Happy 10th Anniversary!

Ms. Julie Handoko

Mother of Jeremy and Kimberly Gabriella Handoko
When my daughters entered Bina Bangsa School I was in awe of the school’s methods of teaching, competent and welcoming teachers, incredible facilities, tight-knit community, and friendly staff members. Since then I have paid close attention to their development as well as communicating constantly with the principal and teachers. In addition to the tremendous help they provided me, my children have shown dedication and perseverance while becoming disciplined, independent, intelligent and creative young adults. As a result, I am a proud mother of two BBS students, one of which has graduated and is currently studying under scholarship at the Australian National University. From my personal and sincere standpoint, BBS is truly a school of the best quality.
Based on my experience, I would like to deliver several messages to BBS. Firstly, be sure to maintain the quality and professionalism of the teachers. Secondly, continue developing positive relationships between the school and the parents. Lastly, continue innovating to keep pace with the technology and attitudes of the modern globalized world.
Finally, I would like to wish BBS a ‘Happy 10th Anniversary!’ Please continue to diligently prepare students for their future. I wish you all the best; thank you to everyone in the BBS family.

Ellisia Marina Watung

Mother of Gabriele Natalia Siahaan and Geneveva Naomi Siahaan
I would like to take this opportunity to pass my thanks to teachers at Bina bangsa School. Both of my children are currently attending Bina Bangsa School in Semarang and they are always excited because they really enjoy going to school. I have been here over the last 10 years and I have seen many changes. It is clear that this school community never stops striving for excellence in every way. I am happy to see that the teachers have the passion to help our kids become more independent, responsible and confident.

Ms. Claudia Kwok

Mother of Denise Latetia Kwok and Leon Tristan Kwok
My children joined BBS Semarang in 2015. Since then, I have seen many positive changes in my children’s daily life as well as their school life. BBS teaches my children to put God as the foundation in everything that they do. This is very important! A strong foundation is the key to a successful and meaningful life. The fact that BBS provided a variety of recreational and technical facilities in school helps my children to find their interest and be excel at it. Last but not least, BBS is the leader among its peers. With its well-designed academic planning and advanced strategic resources, it allows the students, as well as the parents, to prepare for life after graduation with ease.
With that said, Happy 10th Anniversary, BBS ! Thank you for teaching my children about God and providing a good school environment for them, best wishes for your continued success.

Marina Purnomo

Mother of Katrina Abigail Purnomo, Kevin Daniel Purnomo and Kellen Timothy Purnomo

Bina Bangsa School is the place I call home. Here, I do not only grow as a professional, but also as an individual. The school provides ample opportunity for career growth and liberally sends out teachers for trainings, local seminars and overseas conferences. The school that envisions its students to be life-long learners has made its teachers to be the first manifestations of that vision.
As an individual, I grow through the experiences that the school provides. My leaders do appreciate me and go all out to make me feel important and valuable for my contribution to this family called Bina Bangsa School.

Yuliana Puspitasari

BBS Semarang - Principal

“I witness how Bina Bangsa School Semarang has remarkably grown from what used to be a class of six students. The friendship which started in the school has lasted till today and the nurturing from the teachers had been life-enriching. To me, the school was not only a place of education, but it also holds memories which I and my fellow alumnus wish to re-live. Bina Bangsa School Semarang, congratulations on your 10th year anniversary!! I hope to see more young talents emerging from the school. Dear students, play hard, but work harder!!”

Indra Gunwan

National University Of Singapore
I can say with confidence that Bina Bangsa School Semarang has made me a better person. The teachers at this school are really friendly and close to their students. They truly care about students learning outcomes and helping students to achieve their personal and academic goals. This school is designed to prepare its students for university and give them to solid foundation. Most importantly, BBS Semarang has inspired a love for learning regarding what students are genuinely passionate about, which is Chemistry in my case. Moreover, the school has a wide variety of co – curriculum activities. For me,being part of student council and basketball team has help me discover more about myself and improve my leadership and teamwork abilities. BBS Semarang has been a significant step on my stairway to where I am today. The people I have met and the memories I have made here will be cherished and remembered forever.


University Of Sheffield
Graduated from BBS Semarang in 2015, I am currently in my last Semester studying accounting and finance at university of Melbourne. Studying at BBS Semarang help me grow my personality and expanded my horizons. Not only did they provide providing exceptional academic services, BBS accommodated our non – academic needs via extracurricular activities and various volunteering programs which greatly enhanced my knowledge, skills and shaped my personality. The family environment that BBS provided gave me greatly comfort and excitement throughout my secondary and junior college time. Furthermore, I am always grateful for the never ending support that I received from teachers and friends. Looking back, I was very hesitant when I had to decide whether or not persue my secondary education in BBS Semarang, however, now I am proud to say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you BBS Semarang



University Of Meburne
I have attend Bina Bangsa School Semarang for 6 years and I can confidently say that the experience is simply unbelievable. Certainly, the vocational knowledge provided by the school is nothing short of brilliant. However, it is the nurturing community that is truly outstanding. The kindhearted teachers, staff, and friends make the school feel like a second home. Congratulations Bina Bangsa School Semarang on your 10th year Anniversary ! I’m looking forward for great things to come for the school.

Leonard Gunawan

Boston University