June 17, 2024

BBS Connect

Bridging You To The Outside World

BBS Journal & Campus Radio TV

Bina Bangsa School is now conquering the airwaves through its newly created BBS Campus

Radio. Though is not yet officially launched, students and teachers have been very busy in
producing up-to- date, creative and exciting radio programs that serve as another platform for
student learning and training. This internet radio provides avenue for students to express their
view on relevant socio-political/cultural issues, Entertainment, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesian
language and culture and Christian Values within the framework of Bina Bangsa’s Vision, Mission
and Objectives as an educational institution.

A single click then experience BBS KJS Campus radio’s e-news, hot issues and fearless views.

BBS KJS Journal Vol 1

BBS KJS Journal Vol 2

BBS KJS Journal Vol 3

BBS KJS Journal Vol 4

BBS KJS Podcast Volume 1

BBS KJS Podcast Volume 2

Click below for last years radio broadcasts.
BBS Radio 2018-2019