April 22, 2024

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Bridging You To The Outside World

And The Avior Games Concluded

The Avior Games closed off with a louder bang came dawn, where students already started preparing their booths of diverse varieties in different ways — to each their own. This could never have been achievable without the commitment head of the Avior Games Committee , “I got quite into organizing this event especially since this is all for my esteemed colleagues that I both know and love,” she adds, “It’s all about cultivating our youthful passions to grow as a community, and along with the thought, simply have fun.”

Booths ranged from lottery tickets and video games to cafes and even a ‘marriage’ booth. It took a lot of contribution from individual students for this project alone. Preparing ingredients, bringing game consoles and projectors, improvising props, fixing food, table tennis challenges, and most commonly, those who did not invest their personal assets into the events will find themselves in long shifts. Familiar faces; past classmates were also eager to show up for the annual program, being welcomed once again into both a memorable atmosphere and institution itself. There could always be something to enjoy.

The concert summoned every student to the front yard, delivering the final event—Overtune — the group played their covers of popular songs on a platform. The crowd started thinning as most students headed home, and many went towards the platform. Not long after, it all ended.

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