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Back to February: Valentine’s Day! (Interview)

On Tuesday, the 14th of February, 2017 – the day before the election – Bina Bangsa School celebrated Valentine’s Day, headed by the Prefects. On the days leading up to the Valentine’s Day, the prefects encouraged students to pre-order cupcakes, chocolates and roses.

The chocolates would cost 20K, the cupcakes (kindly baked by Ms. Sheila) as well, but the roses would cost a heftier 35K. On the day itself, students would only be able to buy chocolates on Valentine’s day itself, and they cost much more. Students were to use the pre-order sheets set up in front of the teacher’s room, clipping on the correct amount of money. Serenades were also offered, at 7K per song.

On the day itself, prefects distributed cupcakes, chocolates and roses, and a troop of them – armed with musical instruments – toured the classrooms for the serenades, mentioning the senders’ identities (many of which were the results of pranks).


Well, this is Ms. Sarah’s opinion.

She said that she doesn’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day due to religious reasons. Consequently, she does not have any special routine, like giving flowers, chocolates and others, but if others gave her those things, then she’ll gladly accept them. After all, Valentine’s Day is a day to show affection towards our loved ones.



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