December 8, 2021

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BBS KJS English and Humanities Week 21-22

The Humanities and English Week required a few weeks of preparation and ultimately on 13 September 2021, the finalists and winners for each subject and level were announced.

Written by: Charles (Sec. 3)

The objective of the event was to increase student involvement and encourage active learners, encourage inter-class and inter-level interaction through plenary activities and reduce the students’ stress level while enriching their appreciation of the language

For English, the Sec 1’s had a “Who am I” presentation, the Sec 2’s had a Word game competition, the Sec 3’s had a Stand-up comedy or sketch competition and the Sec 4’s had a V-log presentation, in which all presentations contain a shared topic – Beyond the Pandemic.

It was split into categories according to each subject and education level.

For Humanities and Sociology, the Sec1’s talked about geography, the Sec 2’s talked about evolution, the Sec 3’s talked about culture and identity and the Sec 4’s talked about family. For EGP and GPR, the JC 1s did a country response presentation on government efforts around the world on the pandemic.

In the first few weeks, students were assigned to their proper topics and how their presentations should look like. This was discussed between the teachers to see if the topics were appropriate for their level. Then students have to come up with their own creative ideas and make it into a presentation. For example, for stand-up comedy, the students needed to come up with their own jokes.

Lastly, all the best presentations within each level would be presented at the assembly so that everyone could see the creativity in the best students.

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