September 24, 2023

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Bridging You To The Outside World

BBS KJS Humanities Project 2021-2022

Students of Sec 2 Newton worked on essays on peace and designed coat of arms incorporating hieroglyphics.

By: Ms Angeli and students of Secondary 2 Newton

Art by: Nicole (2 Newton)

Essay by: Chloe (2 Newton)

Violence is definitely something that happens everyday. Most victims for violence don’t dare to speak out because of fear. As a student, I go on social media and see non-violence posts on social media all the time. Violence is definitely something that I feel people should speak out because if you get abused or if someone hurts you or mentally or physically it hurts really badly and I don’t want anyone to ever feel like that again.

I can only see posts on social media and I’ve never experienced it before which I’m very grateful that I have never experienced violence. I believe as a student we can raise awareness I try to ensure that no one ever tries to get hurt again through awareness because even though awareness might seem like a small thing it can actually lead to something really big. Such as George Floyd “Black Lives Matter” movement. Every single movement matters, if it’s about violence or black lives matter or anything really if it’s something that has been going on for a long time then it should become a problem and if it’s really affecting people it should be counted as a problem.

I hate to see when I go on social media when people post stuff like help my friend she’s been abused, I feel extremely horrible for that friend because they don’t deserve that no one deserves to be abused or hurt or violated or given any type of violence. Many of these people in the world believe that violence is the key to solving problems but it’s really not it’s just creating more problems. Here’s an example of someone who is a non-violent person and made a change in history.

Martin Luther King Jr. He definitely made a change in history because he had protests that people of all races should be counted as equals no one should be counted more than the other because it’s all just a race. He managed to lead all his speeches and many change in history without being violent. Many people in history made a change in history by becoming A little bit violent. I believe that isn’t right because no one deserves to get hurt.  I hope that we can live in a world that accepts everyone for the way they are and violence will no longer exist. I know this sounds impossible but I know that we can do it. No violence sounds impossible but at least we have to try to minimize it as much as possible.

Art by: Rachel (2 Newton)

Essay by: Rachel (2Newton)

Non-violence promotes a culture of peace. It is always said that a child learns what he/she lives. Believing in this principle, it is always an argument that individuals only project in public or in the society the attitude and behavior learned from home.

In our society today, people are getting violent. As a matter of fact, rates on murder, rape, extortion, and other violent deeds are rising rapidly. It is in this scenario that we need to promote the culture of non-violence. The culture of non-violence may imply that disorganization in the society or conflict may be resolved through diplomacy and not through wars. It is addressing issues in a proper manner. A manner that is not aggressive not offensive. It helps every party to hear each side and resolve the conflict in an orderly manner. Constantly practicing this idea, creates a positive picture for our next generation.

The media is  a very influential source of information and learning. Peace journalism needs to be promoted and people need to question what they see and hear from the media. The media tends to glamourize violence in several different mediums, through music, television, the Internet, movies and children’s toys and games. In the past, when technology was not readily available to children, these topics were not such regular occurrences in children’s lives. Now, the most common children’s hobbies are playing video games, watching television and movies, listening to music, and surfing the net, all of which often contain themes of violence. Video games are also contributing widely to depicting violence as fun and exciting. The most popular games among youth include soldiers in war scenes to players as game members and criminals who may even purchase a prostitute for more points in the game. And songs that are being published these days are full of negative meanings, they are full of vulgar words especially for little children and if they are exposed to it at such a young age, it can damage them. And they can surf anything in the web without adult supervision that can also be dangerous. So, avoiding them at all costs would be the best option

As the next generation oversees the calmness in dealing conflicts, we slowly instill in their minds the value of peace. Showing the non-aggressive behavior during conflicts makes them create the notion that everyone can resolve conflict in a calm manner. Through this, we give the culture of non-violence a place in the society. We instill it among the youth, and they will slowly live with it until it becomes part of their societal morals

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