December 4, 2023

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BBS KJS Opinion: Biofuel (by BSP Scholars)

In the spirit of providing a platform to voice their ideas and showcase their writing skills, BBS KJS presents to you Opinion.

By: Darryl (JC 2 Forbes)

The biofuels of the future are being developed by USC researchers

Biofuels are a household name if you have learnt on the topic of renewable energy in any science class. Interest in biofuels is rapidly increasing over the past few years and the proposed EU target to increase the amount of biofuels used in transportation to 10 percent is likely to drive further research and development in biofuels. Biofuels are fuels that are produced from biomass that are plant, algae material, or animal waste.

Biofuels and The Future Energy in Indonesia. - APROBI

Biofuels are regarded as one of the most renowned types of resourceful and renewable energy since they are produced from materials that can be replenished and produced easily.

Biofuel is commonly advertised and shown as a cost-effective and environmentally safe and friendly alternative to petroleum and other fossil fuels, particularly within the context of rising petroleum prices and increased concern over the contributions and damage made by fossil fuels to global warming.

Biofuel is non-toxic and biodegradable. Compared to petroleum diesel fuel, biofuel combustion produces fewer air pollutants but nitrogen oxide emissions from burning a gallon of biofuel may be slightly higher than emissions from burning a gallon of petroleum diesel.

Some experts say that in terms of carbon emissions, biofuels emit the same amount as gasoline or more which contradicts the statement stated above.


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