February 21, 2024

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Blueprint MUN 2020 (Online)

A total of 20 delegates from BBS KJS took part in the Blueprint Model United Nations (MUN) which was hosted online from 5-6 September 2020 by students around the world for charity.

Written by: Shania Spall, Delegate of Iran (JC1 Forbes)

The Blueprint MUN was such an amazing event. I applied as a delegate without knowing much about the procedures, but then again, so did many other delegates. From this two-day conference, I must say that my committee was definitely full of brilliant people and it surely helped in making my first MUN memorable.

Given the role of the delegate of Iran in The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) committee, I, along with 11 other delegates from around the world, were required to tackle the issue regarding the aftermath of Covid-19 in the oil and gas industry. Astonishingly, the solution was found within one day, in which the majority, and at one point all of the members agreed on. According to the chairs, this rarely ever happens.

Not only that, my committee and I also prepared another draft resolution for another issue on day 2 which addresses the topic of ‘Crisis of China’s Nuclear Energy Distribution’. So in total, the OPEC committee wrote 2 successful draft resolutions.

Furthermore, I must say that this event has provided me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who have now become good friends of mine. To be completely honest, I was utterly amazed by how fast my committee members adapted to each other. During the first session, most of us were quite dormant. But as later sessions progressed, more and more people started to open up and voice out their thoughts. Unfortunately, there are no heated debate sessions despite a few disagreements here and there.

I genuinely believe that the reason behind our accomplishment of resolving the problems quickly is because the committee has many proactive speakers who are clearly knowledgeable and experienced. Of course there are some first timers, including myself, in the committee. However, even then, most of us first timers actually contribute quite a huge part in proposing solutions and discussions.

Moreover, the cooperation of every delegate plays a major role in making this conference a roaring one. With that said, the OPEC committee of this Blueprint MUN are, hands down, the committee with the most solid teamwork. 😉

Additionally, after witnessing and participating in an MUN event myself, I can conclude that this type of event would definitely develop your critical thinking and public speaking skills. Also, one last thing I would like to clarify, which I believe is what many people are concerned about, is the fact that MUN is not difficult nor is it terrifying. Believe me, MUN would undoubtedly be really enjoyable to all if they are willing to try it out.

Overall, my first MUN experience could not have gone any better and it has certainly sparked my interest in world affairs and conferences.

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