April 22, 2024

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Bridging You To The Outside World


written by: Jennifer S3N
edited by: Kellen JC1M

On Wednesday, the 12th of April 2023, a CCA showcase was hosted in BBSKJS. Students from
each respective CCA were selected to decorate their stalls for students to experience the CCA
There were Arts and craft, debate, broadcasting, badminton, basketball, futsal, home
economics, robotics, table tennis, science and environment, chinese culture, orchestra and
choir. Following this, there was chess, which is a new cca to be added next academic year.
Primary 5 and 6 students were invited to join the showcase. In the Arts and Craft area, students
had the freedom to express themselves creatively by freely drawing and painting on the
resources given. In debate, students had the option of choosing a topic and a CCA member to
dispute against. In broadcasting, students had the opportunity to take a Polaroid picture and
decorate it.
Three of the top CCA showcases were ultimately chosen, and each received the appropriate

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