June 17, 2024

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Ethereal Cup “A Tribute to the Students”

Writen by Ms Ine Medyawati

The Ethereal Cup was a fun-filled event that came to a successful conclusion on the 23rd of September, 2017. The participants were at their very best on the day and exhibited both enthusiasm and the spirit of friendly competition. I am very grateful to the committee and the participants for making the event a success and for providing us with some very pleasant memories. I would like to congratulate the winners as well as all participants for their efforts.

The Ethereal Cup is not meant to separate winners from the rest, but to showcase the collective talent of our student body. Winners are born of competition, and it is because so many of you decided to compete that we have winners at all. Those of you who did not achieve victory on this particular occasion should not be disappointed, but should look to improve and to do better in the future. Always remember that first and second place may only be set apart by a fraction, and that we should aspire to overcome this small distance or hurdle on our next attempt.

To the committee – it is hoped that organizing this event has given you the opportunity to work in harmony with your peers, to strengthen friendships and to come together as a unit to accomplish tasks. I believe you will continue to strive for excellence and I really appreciate the opportunity you have given us to celebrate and be proud of you.

During the competitions over these last two weeks, you have met both old and new friends. You may have achieved victory and you may have experienced defeat. But that is the beauty of sports. You have competed, you have laughed, you have cried, you have suffered and you have cheered but we all leave as friends in the end, having grown and strengthened our bonds. Even the sun seemed to shine in approval over the two weeks.

So once again, congratulations to all of you on your stellar achievements. Over the course of the Ethereal Cup, we witnessed 120 contests that transformed our humble campus into a grand arena for our participants to showcase their many talents. On behalf of Bina Bangsa School, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to all participants and would like to encourage them to come forward again in two years’ time for the next Cup, which I am sure will be yet another wonderful demonstration of sportsmanship, courage and friendship.

Many thanks and warmest regards.

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