October 26, 2021

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Flag Raising Ceremony 2021 🇮🇩

As Indonesia had its 76th independence day last 17th of August, it was only fair if we honored it in all its glory.

Written by: BBS Connect Team

Looking back from the year before, Indonesia has gone far forward in terms of progress and development while withstanding the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic made it impossible to go outside, BBS KJS had it’s independence day ceremony done online through zoom. It started with the singing of the national anthem and was followed by our BBS school song. 

Next, the prerecorded flag raising ceremony video was played. The individual videos that the ceremonial officers had recorded were placed in a specific order to portray how the ceremony would proceed if it was done offline.

There were also a few compiled pre-recorded videos of our dearest teachers singing national songs together to appreciate Indonesia’s culture and It was truly enjoyable.

Finally, there was a short speech done by our principal, Mr Richard, about how we should stay positive and cooperate with governmental rules regarding the pandemic along with honoring and respecting our country as well.

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