June 17, 2024

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Global Writing Competition 2022

Opening slots for MCE Global Writing Competition. Register with your English Language teacher now.

Announcement by: Mr Ganes

Ever wanted to take your writing skills out of the classroom walls but didn’t know where to begin? Apply what you learned in this Global Writing Competition where you can choose between narrative or persuasive style. The best part is that it is open to all levels from Sec.1 to JC2. 

Register before August 11 to your English teacher

Fee: IDR 130rb

The competition will be held virtually

Payment details and competition guidelines will be shared upon confirmation with your English language teacher. 


Now – 27 July Registration for Information Session

27 July  Information Session for Global Writing Competition

27 July – 17 Aug Registration and Payment for Competition

29 Aug – 29 Sep Global Writing Competition Period

3 Oct – 21 Oct Judging of Entries

26 Oct Announcement of Winners

Good luck!

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