May 29, 2024

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New Principal, New BBS

Interview with the Principal

The new principal of KJS, Mr Richard is excited to implement student-centered programs for KJS. And he has no lack of enthusiasm because he has had these inspiring thoughts for a long time. And excerpts from BBS Connect’s interview with him recently reveals the man’s vision.

Q1: What do you find most interesting in your whole career in BBS?

The students, good or bad, make my everyday life very interesting. I especially love it when alumni come back to share their experience and reflect on what they have learnt in their time in BBS. Seeing the growth of our students is very rewarding for me. (P.S.) Once, I brought a student to the hospital for inhaling ammonia in the chemistry lab, which i found pretty interesting.

Q2: What are some things BBS students can improve on?

One thing that BBS students can improve on is behaviour. I believe that BBS KJ students are equipped with good education. Therefore, they should be able to act more maturely. This includes less of teasing and making fun of friends and more of helping each other to improve.

Q3: What made you stay in BBS for so long?

Whenever I go overseas, I get the chance to meet some of the alumni. Seeing them grow and mature made me realise that being a teacher is a noble job.

Q4: What is your vision and mission for the school?

I do not want students to just be academically sharp. Instead, I want them to have other good skills too. For example, speaking skills, teamwork and getting themselves out of their comfort zone. Events like student exchanges, for example, really teaches the students how to survive on their own outside their countries and gain the experience that can become useful in their future. In the past 4-5 years, I have been trying to push sports competitions. This is because I believe that students can develop by channeling their energy into other activities rather than studying.

Q5: Do you miss teaching Economics?

Yes, I would like to teach a class again, but of course we need to ask Ms Yenny for permission beforehand. Teaching economics is the best because students cannot argue if their explanation is wrong; there is no one correct answer, it depends on your explanation. Economics is also a skill of everyday life. A good example is when they read a newspaper article about an economic event like the Venezuela-economic crisis, students can understand straight away; it trains your reasoning skills.

Q6: What are your views on e-learning?  How do you see it develop in the next 2 years?

We are trying our best to make the whole “e-learning” more organized. One problem we have with the e-learning program is the misuse of its privilege. One solution for this is using a device with a classroom management application like the apple classroom which can limit the applications that can be excessed. Of course, the classroom management application will be unlocked during the weekends. With this application, we can prevent the misuse of devices, no internet surfing, no misuse of social media and definitely no PUBG.

Q7: Principal position requires intense time management, how do you manage your time?

Time is never enough so the trick is to set priorities. The first priority would be something that involves the whole school, second would be case by case student related issues. I also try my best to tend to the students’ needs such as holding parent seminars. One of my other duties is the management of the teachers’ welfare.

Q8: How would you lead the new teachers to become better? What is BBS 2.0 and what are its objectives?

God created everyone for a different purpose. Our job is to help students find their purpose and achieve their highest potential.


For more detail on BBS changes, we have an article about the new BBS below:

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