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Students of the Month “Aug 2018”

Congratulations to Students of the Month (March 2018)

Written by Mr Hasan Sie (Discipline Master)

Commencing from the academic year 2017, BBS KJS has selected students deserving of the Student of the Month award. This award is given to students who have shown the exemplary behavior, including following all school policies and rules to the best of their ability, and do not have any disciplinary actions taken against them in the given month. In addition, the Student of the Month is also recognized for possessing the character traits of respect, care, integrity, and responsibility.

Cha Yu Jin (Sec 1 Wycliffe)
Cha Yu Jin is a silent type of student. She works diligently and follow instructions carefully. She is friendly and helpful to her classmates and friends. She is responsible and respectful.






Kayla Gozali (Sec 2 Newton)
Kayla shows great discipline and responsibility toward her studies. She always tries her best in everything that she accomplishes. She also excels in many non-academic areas and can always be counted on to participate in any school event. Her enthusiastically positive attitude is contagious and brightens the mood of everyone around her.


Harvani Sumawijaya (Sec 3 Taylor)
Harvani tackles every challenges seriously and with a positive attitude. He always strives to reach their full potential. He is appointed as the vice head of discipline department in the prefectorial board this academic year.




Carol Ann Riady (Sec 4 Newton)
Kind, caring, and friendly character makes Carol a role model for her classmates. She demonstrates hard work and produces quality results.






Kathleen Alexandria Gunardi (JC1 Mendel)
Kathleen demonstrates behavior that sets the standard for her class. She cooperates consistently with the teacher and other students. She is in charge of the digital media and communication department of the prefectorial board.




Wilbert (JC2 Forbes)
Wilbert is a respectful student. He is well-prepared for class each day. He is talented in the digital media design, where he contributed his skill to the student community in BBS KJS.

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