April 22, 2024

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Back to February: Valentine’s Day! (Do’s and Don’ts)

Celebrating a SINGLES Valentine’s Day:

  • LOVE YOUR SINGLENESS. Be happy that you don’t have to fight over the TV remote and keep your life as clean or messy as you want it to be. There are many positive things on being single and there are many negative things on being a couple. Focus on the benefits rather than seeing the drawbacks. If people choose to rube your ‘singleness’ on your face, shake it off with compassion, saying, “I like being single. I get to choose how I want to live.” And, almost half of the communities are happy for being single; you may want to mention that.
  • BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF REGARDLESS OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS. Romantic tales often suggest that another person can complete you, but if taken too seriously, this unhealthy perspective can lose yourself in another person. THAT IS HARDLY ROMANTIC. Rather than feeling down on Valentine’s Day, celebrate on being a whole and healthy person, a person who has space for love should it come along but who does not need such a relationship to create self-worth and happiness confidence.
  • AVOID BEING SWEPT AWAY BY THE TIDE. You may be very romantic and long for your “soul mate” someday but right now, you need patience. No matter what age you are in, love will come floating in your lives before you know it. Remember what can happen to those who rush love and marry before knowing themselves. This can end in one partner realizing that someday they need to “find themselves” and the relationship suffers for it.
  • TREAT YOURSELF! When you’re standing in the queue waiting to pay for your mundane everyday items, if you see a cute teddy bear holding a heart or a box of heart-shaped chocolates, don’t try to beat yourself up and just buy it. Don’t make Valentine’s Day about hurt and loss. Make it all about love, even when single!


  • DO remember what day it’s on
  • DO have a plan for the day
  • DO show some imagination—be creative!
  • DO flirt a lot
  • DO tell your valentine how much they mean to you (an excuse to be cheesy)
  • DO send flowers, serenades and even love poems
  • DO capture every moment of your date on Valentine’s Day
  • DO be genuine, nothing is more thoughtful than a genuine gift


  • DON’T stick to your phone the whole day
  • DON’T give your valentine a boring letter
  • DON’T fall for the “I don’t want anything” line
  • DON’T go out with your single friends
  • DON’T wait until the last minute
  • DON’T leave the price tag on any present
  • DON’T lie, unless it’s a surprise

Written by: Kelly (S2C)

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