February 21, 2024

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Back to February: Valentine’s Day! (Clothes)

Don’t know what to wear for Valentine’s Day? Boys can easily pick their outfits, but girls? Not really. Don’t worry; you have come to the right page.

On Valentine’s Day, if your boyfriend asks you out on a dinner date, of course you want to look attractive that night. If you are going for a classy look, you can throw on a classic lace high-low dress, which you can get from Forever 21 stores for IDR338.000.  For shoes, a simple pair of black high heels will make the look elegant. You can add a pop of color to your outfit by using a gold glitter clutch or silver, if gold is not the color you prefer. If you want to have a playful look, romper will suit you. You can replace black with navy for the romper color. Pairing it with black ankle boots will make the look more playful. A brown-fringe sling bag will complete the look. You can get the romper from Bershka for IDR399.000, Bershka also sell ankle boots for IDR599.000. For girls who want to look elegant, the outfit is a long maroon dress with a small slit on either side of the dress paired with black high heels.


Valentine’s Day is not only spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can also be with your friends, especially if you’re a single pringle. Sometimes when you’re with your friends, you just want to be casual. Of course most girls want to be comfy but at the same time cute. To achieve that, a pastel pink or white sweater-dress from H&M because it’s Valentine’s Day and it is the day of pink and white, paired with white sneakers, or with black shoes if you want to look a bit edgy. If you have a black or white puma lying around in your house, that would be great as it will really match the outfit. Puma is quiet expensive, it’s price is around IDR1,560.000, but you can replace puma with your casual white converse. Carrying a small black backpack will make the outfit look cuter. Some girls prefer jeans, which is okay. Pairing knee-ripped jeans, white converse and a crop shirt with a small heart patched on the shirt, which you can buy from Forever 21 or Stradivarius is already enough for Valentine’s Day because of the small heart patch. The third casual outfit is for girls who don’t want to put too much effort on their outfit but still want to look somewhat presentable. A black crop top paired with black mini skirt or skirt with buttons on the front part of the skirt and you are ready to leave the house. One more thing, for shoes, black wedges or the converse that lies around in your house will make you’re friends think that you put a lot of effort but you actually don’t.



Written by: Gillian (S2W)


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