July 19, 2024

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Back to February: Valentine’s Day! (Movies and Music)

Movies to Watch!

* Beauty and the Beast

Unfortunately for this movie, it isn’t out quite yet, but it will be released later this year. The role of the heroine, Belle, is played by Emma Watson or you may recognise her as Hermione Granger. If you’ve seen the animated classic of the movie, I’m pretty sure you’d be familiar with the plot of this one.

* The Fault in Our Stars

You definitely have to see this movie if you already haven’t. It sure is one hell of a tragedy though so prepare yourself a box of tissues if you want to. The main plot of this movie is about two teenage cancer patients who meet to go on a journey to meet an author in Amsterdam but in between they start to develop a relationship.

* If I Stay

Another tragic movie which focuses again on a teenage couple. A musically talented girl meets another musically talented fellow that’s in a band. As things progress, decisions are made between the two and then tragedy strikes.  Mia, the main character is put into a situation of life and death and it flips the whole story upside down.

* The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Another movie with the lovely Emma Watson, along with Logan Lerman who you might recognise as Percy Jackson and Ezra Miller, this movie is about a boy named Charlie and his life in high school. Charlie is introduced to a group of friends who he later falls in love with one in particular named Sam. This movie has the capability of making you feel both happy and sad emotions so be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that is this movie.


Music to Listen To!

* Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

I’m sure everyone knows this song, with its sweet lyrics and its catchy tune, many have fallen in love just listening to this song. It’s famous especially for its music video’s choreography which shows Ed Sheeran dancing gracefully with a fellow dancer.

* Beyoncé – Love on Top

A more upbeat and danceable song. This is like one of those songs where you could just jam out to it like no one’s watching. And I’m sure you know about how much of a queen Beyoncé is when it comes to vocals. Her jaw-dropping vocal range and power makes the songs 100 times better because you can actually feel how much soul she put into this song and that’s love.

* twenty one pilots – Can’t Help Falling in Love (cover)

This cover of the great classic by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley should definitely be on your Valentine’s Day playlist. Unlike the original version, this version is played on an ukulele, which gives it a more cheerful and sweet vibe. With the lead singer, Tyler Joseph’s voice, this song sounds much more vibrant and joyous.

* Moonlight – Ariana Grande

This song is perfect if you want a melodic, slow and heart-warming song. Grande wrote this song based on one night she had with a special someone when they shared their first kiss and he called her “Moonlight”. The song works on so many levels, it can be a lullaby, a serenade or you could even slow dance to it yourself if you’re single and lonely (don’t worry I am too)!

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