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BBS KJS Chinese New Year 2021

On February 10 2021, Bina Bangsa School KJS hosted a spectacular Chinese New Year celebration through a webinar zoom meeting at 12:30 PM (GMT+7)

by Clara Evangeline (Sec. 3 Taylor)

Even though it was held online, the spirit of festive and ebullience was nonetheless as prominent as it were should it be held offline—rendering the event an absolute success for all those eager to re-live this cultural and historic significance once more.

Mr Xu Tian Yi and Mr Yang Xiao, the emcees and primary organizers, showcased brilliant videos of students and teachers performing and wishing to the traditions of the celebration.

The group of Secondary 3 Taylor consisting of Callista, Cherrie, Clara, Gracia, Juvincia and Shanice as a great exemplar, sang along the tunes of a traditional Chinese song named ‘GongXi GongXi’

In addition speaking for the wellbeing and happiness to bid everyone cheers to a great beginning forevermore. “I loved this 2021 Chinese New Year celebration particularly because of how diverse it was,” commented Mr. Richard, the school’s principal.

“Despite the fact that some of us—especially the teachers—come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, this event was held in such a way that allowed everyone to celebrate the wonderful occasion and have more knowledge about Chinese customs.”

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