July 19, 2024

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BBS KJS Home Based Learning

In light of the Covid-19 nationwide lockdown, BBS Kebon Jeruk migrated online, proving that learning should never cease even in the face of adversity.
Written by: Kelly Chen (JC 1 Forbes)
“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”
– B. B. King
It’s been two weeks since Bina Bangsa School officially started the full online classes with the students and I, as one of those students, can’t say that I don’t enjoy it. Of course, the feeling of being quarantined and not being able to even step a foot outside is torture, but not waking up so early in the morning yet receiving the same and proper lessons from our teachers through our screens were oddly satisfying—educational wise.


Bina Bangsa School anticipated the quarantine that was expected to be done by all the schools in Jakarta and luckily, we were prepared. We’ve started the online learning around 4 years ago, so it wasn’t difficult to adjust to the sudden change. Additionally, we did a trial run before the social distancing occurred and it was, you could say, a success. There were a few problems here and there but the teachers were dedicated to fix the problems immediately to ensure that the students learning will go smoothly, which was something I’m really thankful for.


However, there is no doubt that home based learning does have certain limitations. I personally think that doing the assignments at home without the teachers’ presence is quite hard to deal with as we can’t ask them questions physically and it just felt strange initially. But, in all due fairness, we do get 3 hours everyday to video call them and ask them for further explanation when we don’t understand anything—another thing I’m grateful for.

But I understand why our teachers would be concerned about our learning process at home since they can’t monitor us. Students who take advantage of the situation wouldn’t learn and just skip out, not saying that everyone does. Luckily, our principal took precautions and imposed punishments for students who ‘rebel’ and I think that kept them on their toes. There were also attendance taking and random roll calls to ensure that everyone stayed on track.

From the whole two weeks of home based learning, as a student, I felt more trusted because the teachers left us with assignments they expected us to do and I disciplined myself to make sure that I studied like I did at school.



The online classes cut us, students, some slack and I think that’s what we needed. Although it might interfere with our future, in the short term, I believe that the effort the school is putting for us will help us get through this phase.


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