June 17, 2024

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BBS KJS Videos: Integrity

In the spirit of providing a platform for students to voice their ideas and showcase their talent and editing skills, BBS KJS presents to you Video Highlights.

Prepared by: Richie and Shania Spall (JC 1 Mendel)

For our CB project, we were asked to give our reflection on this month’s value: Integrity. We attempted to go beyond the paper definition in order to truly capture what it means.


* The opinion expressed here are solely exclusive of the authors and due care has been exercised to avoid any form of plagiarism as much as possible.

* If you have an original video that you would like to share, why not be part of BBS Video Highlights? Send us your video file (.mp4 or .mov) via email to ganeswaran.kjs@binabangsaschool.com (and do not forget a type a short introduction!)

* Your video must be engaging, sensitive, informative, and more than 2 minutes

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