March 29, 2023

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Presidential Election!

by Kellen JC1M

During the period of July to August 2022, four teams campaigned for the position of head of student council. These were the respective candidates:

PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
Team 1Angelica Stella JongAdrian Daniel SuhendaEvelyn Aprillia HuangFrederich Eilleen Greatheo
Team 2Wynne Feliciana MaeAileen Pangestu ChandraKellen JoudanWhitney Madeline Gunawan
Team 3 Winston Alexander HendartoKendra Mewahna NioChristian Rich Immanuel MasbudiSamuel Steven Johari
Team 4Nethanie Paramitha Wijaya KusumahChloe Lynn HadiCharles Cahyadi MuliantoShiny Virgie Huang

Each team used a variety of techniques to advertise their campaign. The teams began the first week by putting up their own distinctive and creative posters throughout the school hallways. While the majority of the posters highlighted the team’s abilities so that students could learn more about them, some of the posters represented the team’s goals and future objectives. Along with making their own advertising videos and websites, the teams also willingly distributed refreshments to students and teachers. Each team turned in their speech recordings and gave presentations in class as the campaign came to a close.

Winston’s team ultimately received the most votes, making him the head of the student council for 2022–2023.

Winston, the newly appointed president of the student council remarked, “The student council campaign is a great way to select students to become the next leaders of students. It gives students a chance to show the school what they are capable of and what they will be able to bring to the school. Students are able to display leadership, creativity, persuasiveness, and strategic thinking as they try to get students to vote for them. Despite it requiring a lot of effort, resources, and time, I personally had fun and I would assume that the other candidates did too. Creating fun and attractive posters, coming up with slogans, and going class to class to promote our campaign was a thrilling experience that we will never forget.”


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