April 22, 2024

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The Beauty of Robotics

Written by Adriel & Clement

Robotics is a branch of computer science and software engineering that deals with robots or artificial intelligence. The Robotics Club provides opportunities for students to indulge their creative and cognitive imagination as they develop skills in artificial intelligence.

Here is a tantalizing peek at what happens at the Robotics Club meetings: Students under the supervision of the teacher-in-charge, Mr Willy, meet to develop computer codes for their assembled robots to function. The students continue to do this week after week to fine tune the functions of their assembled robots. After creating small games through the coding, students connect a computer to the robot and use a controller to provide the robot with mobility. Mr Willy supervises the students as they create and control the robot. All the while, the creativity of the students had been set loose as they have fun with the technology of robotics!

There are robotics competitions in 2018 and the students are eagerly preparing and looking forward to them.

Board Games

Written by Glen & Nathan

Our board games CCA is a new addition to our already vast selection of CCAs. Students have the opportunity to play games that challenge their minds. These games are not only fun, they are also productive and sometimes may be educational. Some of these games may include Jenga, Chess, Pengaloo and Voila. Our board game CCA is under the hands of our Chinese teacher, Mr Yang Xiao. He has said that we may have an interclass board game competition sometime in the future.

Community Choir

Written by Joanne, Nicholas & William

Managed by the head of Music Department, Mr. Yandri, the Community Choir has participated in multiple competitions such as the Spring and Annual Concert, the Big Ben International, the Winter Competition and loads more. One of their best and recent performance is the Christmas Celebration.

For the time being, the CCA is shutting down due to lack of students as the majority of the CCA is from sec 4, however Mr. Yandri is planning on reopening it next academic year. While the choir CCA is currently unavailable, students can still join the community choir practices which are held after school every Wednesday.

Currently, the community choir is working on the Annual, Spring and Winter Concert. In addition to those, Mr. Yandri hopes that he could participate in the Ballin International Competition.

Filmmaking CCA

Written by Joanne, Nicholas & William

A recent addition to the CCA this academic year is the filmmaking CCA. Just as the name suggests the filmmaking CCA produces videos, and are planning to release three of them this term.

One of the videos they made last year for a filmmaking competition won third place. As of last week, they were brainstorming ideas for a series of skits they will film this term.

The acting head of the CCA, Brian Louis, says that none of the members in the CCA are left out. While there may be boring and stressful moments now and then he says that everyone has a job to do.

“Overall, the CCA is a fun experience and brings out the best of what collaboration really means as they work together with friends” commented Wilbert, a member of the CCA. If anyone is interested in drawing out their creativity through films, the CCA welcomes any new members aboard.

The Prefects

Written by Glen & Nathan

The role of the prefects is unquestionably very crucial to almost all the events that happen around the school. About a week ago, we had the chance to interview Agatha, the head prefect of 2017-2018. The prefects did their first charitable event of the year by going to the Bakti Luhur orphanage. They also carried on a project they had been doing for quite some time. This is helping our staff understand English better. The committee for this year’s school concert was made up of entirely the prefects.

Perhaps the most prominent of the prefects’ hard work was the escape room during BBS’s Ethereal Cup. The prefects still have more plans ahead. Agatha said that they want to raise more funds for orphanages by doing an activity in which inflated balloons will be set up and students can pop one that possibly contains a prize for a certain amount of money.

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