May 29, 2024

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Chinese New Year Celebration AY 2021-2022

Written by: Clara JC1M

At exactly 2:30 p.m. Jakarta time, BBS KJ has hosted a Chinese New Year celebration under the spirit of the Year of the Tiger which marks a fresh beginning for both students and teachers alike on the festive day of February 7, 2022. From siren-like music stemming out of the traditional Chinese songs played on instruments or through voice, a plethora of melodies kicks the festival off to a great start as Spring Preludes and flute harmonics ring pleasant choruses and performances that certainly gave us all, and-I-quote, a ‘Xin Nian Kuai Le’.

Of course, music was not the only highlight our particular team of MCs and teachers had up their sleeves, since other components such as clay figurine handicrafts shows and speeches given out by our very own endearing principle and HODs line the queue as the next big-thing on this celebration. Gesture dancing, a very unique form of dance we undoubtedly don’t get the privilege to see in day-to-day life, closely followed before a zestful combination of both upper and lower secondaries sang songs in sync from ‘Mo Li Hua’ to ‘Peach Blossom’.

“A new year has granted us the blessings of luck, fortune, and many good circumstances to come,” declared Madam Pan, the school’s revered HOD. “For that, I wish all the students and teachers here prosperous health, a happy heart, and an optimistic outlook on life’s future outcomings. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!”

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