December 4, 2023

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Teachers’ Day Celebration AY 2021-2022

Written by: Laura JC1 (JC1 Forbes)

On February 7, the prefects of KJS worked together with the teachers in orchestrating a Teachers’ Day ceremony for our beloved educators in KJS.

Before the teacher’s day programme began, a prayer guided by Juvincia of JC1 Forbes, then came Mr.TJ and Mr.Richard with their respective speeches. Showing the importance and vitality of teachers as a whole in society.

Now on to the class performances, first to perform were the secondary 1 and 2; a short video of each student holding up a letter which all spells out to form a sentence to thank teachers for their hard work. In addition, these students have created wonderful art pieces to commemorate their teachers’ hard-work.

Moving on, the head prefect, Teresa of JC1M, gave out her speech; talking about how it was difficult for teachers to manage the hybrid classes, and how their efforts truly are inspiring in our current circumstances; the pandemic.

Once her speech was over, an awarding ceremony was held. There were teachers awarded with the “calm cookie award” (smoothest in times of crisis), “champagne award” (most sparkling personality), “Typewriter award” (best handwriting), “Emoji award” (most expressive), and more.

After the awarding ceremony, the audience were swept into a harmonic frenzy; the school’s orchestra performed a piece, truly enthralling to the ears. That wasn’t the only thing these talented performers hid under their sleeve. These musical magicians created a slideshow of the teachers enjoying themselves in school events. Frankly, their smiles were contagious.

If you readers thought the previous performance was lively, kahoot was up next!! Centred around the teachers, it was very lively indeed. Even if most of the students were muted, there were definitely some who were chuckling at the humorous references; “Which teacher says ‘ladies and gentlemen’ the most?” was one of the many questions used.

To top it all off, compiled clips of students sharing their favourite memories with a teacher and an appreciation to not only the teacher’s of BBS, but teachers in general. Like drinking dessert wine, it left a sweet ambrosia-like aftertaste.

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