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Class of the Term “July to Sept”

Congratulation Class of the Term 1 (AY 2018-2019)

Written by Mr Hasan Sie (Discipline Master)

Commencing from the academic year 2017, BBS KJS has selected a class deserving of the Class of the Term award. The Class of the Term Award is designed to recognize all the students in the class together with their form teachers for their excellent work in upholding the school values and demonstrating a strong sense for discipline. In addition, Class of the Term recognizes all the class members for possessing the character traits of respect, care, integrity, and responsibility as a class.

For term 1, this distinction goes to Secondary 2 Pascal as the Class of the Term.

(L-R Back: Mr Richard, Mr Hasan, Adriel, Dion, Justine, Zach, Ezel, James, Raffael, Ms Izrina, Mr Yang Shao)
(L-R Front: Valerine, Callista, Chloe, Fiona, Jennifer, Haylee, Laura, Eugenia, Valerie)

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