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Students of the Month “Sept 2018”

Congratulations to Students of the Month (September 2018)

Written by Mr Hasan Sie (Discipline Master)

Commencing from the academic year 2017, BBS KJS has selected students deserving of the Student of the Month award. This award is given to students who have shown the exemplary behavior, including following all school policies and rules to the best of their ability, and do not have any disciplinary actions taken against them in the given month. In addition, the Student of the Month is also recognized for possessing the character traits of respect, care, integrity, and responsibility.

Teresa Wong (Secondary 1 Wycliffe)
Teresa is a humble girl who has a kind heart. She is caring and thoughtful. Helping others naturally comes out of her. She always looks for opportunity where she could extend her helping hand.

Shannon Aurelia Sulistio (Secondary 2 Taylor)
Shannon is a bright student who is never afraid to ask for help as much as she is willing to help others. She always strives to achieve excellence in her academics and is well-rooted in her faith.

Sophia Putri Limanto (Secondary 3 Newton)
Sophia is a diligent student. She always participates in every school activity. She is also a talented violinist, who always performs in the annual concert. This year, she is serving as a member of prefectorial board.

Wilson Alejandro (Secondary 4 Pascal)
Wilson is a respectful and responsible student. His maturity enables him to be able to work with any other people in a team setting, as he always respects others’ opinions. He is also a talented basketball player, who always represents school in the competitions.

Sebastian Tan (Junior College 1 Faraday)
Sebastian is a self-disciplined student. Currently, he is head of discipline department in the prefectorial board. Despite his tight schedule, he is still able to cope with the lessons.

Electra Amara Florence (Junior College 2 Forbes)
Electra has always been an outstanding student. Not only that she has strong leadership and intelligent mind, she is also full of initiatives, reliable, highly motivated, and respectful. She is a consistently exemplary student.

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