February 21, 2024

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Bridging You To The Outside World

HMCA (Harvard Model Congress Asia) AY 2021-2022

By: Wynne (Sec. 3 Taylor)

I was one of the two participants in my batch who attended HMCA. I was feeling unwell that day, so when HMCA started, I was pretty much nervous. I didn’t know we had to say many fancy words either, and honestly, I missed the briefings. It was clear to say I was baffled that day. Every time we needed to speak, we had to word it certainly. If I wanted to use the restroom, I had to make a point of privilege. There were unmoderated and moderated caucuses, and I spent the first day of HMCA wondering what it was since I wasn’t used to it. Thankfully, my chair Delaney was so sweet about it, and she guided me through the conference. She gave me advice on how to be a more confident speaker and be less nervous and advice on how she got into Harvard. She gave me handy tips and assured me I was not falling behind.

HMCA honestly made me skeptical at first about attending the MUN conference but it was a refreshing experience where I learned new things. Overall it was an excellent first experience, and I wish I could attend it next year as well.

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