February 21, 2024

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BBS KJS Opinion: Is in-classroom learning outdated? (by BSP Scholars)

In the spirit of providing a platform to voice their ideas and showcase their writing skills, BBS KJS presents to you Opinion.

By Clara Evangelyn of JC2 Mendel

Despite the progresses we’ve made in society, advancements in our current education system are yet to be found. Like a dystopian world, such system has our students run a perpetual cycle like lab rats on a wheel. Therefore, should schools continue in-classroom learning, or adapt a completely different —and equally completely risky— alternative?

In-classroom learning has dominated the current education system. Be it through standardized testing, graded assignments or hour-long lectures, 21st century teaching advocates more inactivity than engagement, with students mindlessly following the same, autonomous routine they have for 5 days a week, 38 weeks a year. That hence begs the question: what method of education might just be our game-changer, our diamond in the rough capable of rocking the way students are programmed to learn forever? The simple answer to that might just be the counterpart of our aforementioned topic, outdoor-classroom learning. Utilizing the aspects of
experimental practices, outdoor-classroom learning allows students to translate what they have learnt from behind a desk to real-world applications. For some, such a method of teaching could pave the way for better and long-lasting education. For others, it is merely a fantasy built to challenge the long-standing education system; to shake the foundation found from the Industrial Revolution. Perhaps the best question to ask ourselves is if we’re willing to put in the risk and change something that’s long been established for centuries, or stay trapped in a system that
could do more harm than good for future students, centuries more down the line


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