December 4, 2023

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Students of the Month ‘Apr 2019’

Congratulations to Students of the Month (April 2019)

Written by Mr Hasan Sie (Discipline Master)

Commencing from the academic year 2017, BBS KJS has selected students deserving of the Student of the Month award. This award is given to students who have shown the exemplary behavior, including following all school policies and rules to the best of their ability, and do not have any disciplinary actions taken against them in the given month. In addition, the Student of the Month is also recognized for possessing the character traits of respect, care, integrity, and responsibility.

Nicole Callista Haryono (S1 Wycliffe)
Nicole is a funny and polite student. She is always diligent and responsible in all her tasks and often reaches out for others. She is like the cheerful energy and inspiration for her friends.

Bryan Osten Sunaryo (S2 Taylor)
Bryan is hard-working and respectful. He is always willing to help a friend and shows good leadership skills. He is on his way to achieve a successful academic career.

Ivan Laksmana (S3 Pascal)
Ivan reads extensively and his knowledge and knowledge and input during class discussions reflects this. Confident and outgoing he is a natural at public speaking and presentations.

Timothy Hubert Hosein (JC1 Faraday)
Timothy has been actively involved in school activities. His kind and down-to-earth personality makes him to be well-liked by his peers. He is also very attentive and cooperative during lessons.

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