February 21, 2024

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Technovation Girls’ Challenge 2021

BBS KJS girls took part in the Technovation Girls’ Challenge and came back as champions.

Written by: Shannon Aurelia Sulistio (JC1 Forbes)

Technovation Girls Challenge is a competition that equips young women (ages 10-18) to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders. With the support of volunteer mentors, girls work in teams to code mobile apps that address real-world problems.

Our team, Thriving 5 started out with only 3 members in the team. With uncertainties that hindered us from implementing the idea that was rooted in our heads, we were hesitant upon initiating this small project of ours. However, given the circumstances, Jocelyn Ang, one of the members of Thriving 5, took the initiative to ask her fellow colleagues who have the same drive as her. And that was how 5 youthful minds who barely knew each other, gathered together, wanting to thrive for the same cause. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womenintechid/

We were amongst many other girls that were very captivated in enrolling in this particular program initially. Even with the different backgrounds we had, we were able to create an intimate bond between one another as we journeyed together, innovating Biophilia, an app that aims to solve the excessive plastic consumption in Jakarta. Although there were many real-world problems that alerted our curious minds at first, there was one that we think is of utmost importance, climate change. Plastic waste has been one of the largest contributors to climate change as it brings copious detrimental effects to all. This phenomenon will pull the entire globe down, bringing down the billions of innocent people living in peace. For this reason, we knew instantly that we had to initiate a change. 

Having to go through a bumpy journey of coding, constantly redoing designs, writing business and financial plans in order to keep our app running in the future, we finally pulled through! We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitudes to our beloved families, respected teachers and fellow friends that have continuously rooted for us since day one. For allowing us to pull an all-nighter for several days, for excusing us from classes and giving us words of encouragement truly meant everything to us. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this glorious title without all their support. 

Once again, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for us! And also to the teams that participated in this program as well, congratulations, you’ve made it this far! At the end of the day, recognition does not determine anything, what matters more is the role you play in changing the world into a better place.

Team 7
Sophia Putri Limanto of JC1 Forbes
Angeline Kusuma of JC1 Forbes
Shania Alexandra Spall of JC1 Forbes
Nathalie Chai of JC1 Forbes
Felicia (ex BBS)

Team 13 (won 1st place)
Ladesha Danya of JC1 Mendel
Carmen Lee of JC1 Forbes
Jocelyn Alycia Ang of JC1 Forbes
Ivesavega Djianto of JC1 Mendel
Shannon Aurelia Sulistio of JC1 Forbes

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