May 29, 2024

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BBS World Day 2019

Bina Bangsa School Kebon Jeruk celebrates World Day 2019!

Written by Kathleen Gunardi

From Wednesday, 24 April to Friday, 26 April, BBS KJS students got a taste of different countries and cultures in the 3-day World Day event, the brainchild of the Prefects.



Each class was assigned one country and given the task of preparing a performance for the entire school as well as decorating their classes and bringing food to share from their respective countries.

The students worked very hard during their breaks for this competition in preparation for the judges to visit and decide who had refurnished their classroom the best.


Performances were also judged by our very own teachers and principals, Mr Richard, Mr Mohon and Mr Ramos.


Everyone ensured that others would be able to truly enjoy what their assigned county had to offer.

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