June 17, 2024

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International Summer Camp In Beijing

Bina Bangsa School Kebon Jeruk went to Beijing for 12 days for the International Summer Camp which was hosted by Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUTC)

Beijing In My Eyes

Written by Sandy Wijaya

I am an avid sketcher. The first page of my sketchbook is one of the Temple of Heaven, a popular tourist attraction in Beijing, China that has stood the test of time, lightning strikes, and war for more than 600 years. Now that I am finally visiting this marvelous city, I understand why millions of tourists flock to the capital city to expand their knowledge about the history, locals, culture, and traditions.



My first day on the university campus was spent learning a few details about Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) and Beijing itself, but my favourite part was the first meal I had here. It was fast food elevated to a new level: simple but delicious despite the easy-to-face price tag.

However, the moment that was the most impressive for me was when BUCT brought all their participants to the Great Wall of China. More than 21,000 km in distance and 2,300 years old, it comes with no surprise that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cable car ride up itself could easily leave anyone astonished, but the panoramic view while walking up the stairs was the true jackpot. Words truly could not paint the view we saw the higher and more distance we covered. I was especially amazed by all the perseverance of the tourists, motivated to conquer as many towers as possible despite the gigantic sweat stain on their backs caused by the hot and humid weather.


I was glad to have finished this trip feeling glad that I have fully immersed myself into all of Beijing’s aspects, whether it be about their extraordinary technological and chemical advancements, or the incredible backstory that has shaped China today, or even the military prowess, sumptuous cuisines and the civilization steeped in culture. It has been an unbelievably amazing experience, one that exceeded my already sky-high expectations I had before I arrived. Beijing truly is the ultimate gateway to enter into this ancient oriental nation: easy, efficient and accessible to whoever it is presented to.

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