June 17, 2024

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Yellow Eagles Performance?

On 5 May, the Yellow Team had a performance to showcase their many various talents.

They kicked things off with a comedy act by Keane, Sec 1, then it was followed by Nicola, also Sec 1, on the piano playing her original song that she composed and completed herself.

The comedic perfomances was continued by a parody and/or reenactment of the Miss Universe competition, where the contestants consisted of one “girl” from each school house. Some of the uppersec boys from yellow house dressed up as the contestants, with wigs and fancy dresses and all. The role of Miss Colombia was taken up by Kevin Marzuki, and the role of Miss Phillipines was taken up by Klaus, the yellow house captain. The host announced Blue team, representing Miss Colombia as the winner but then interrupts, saying that there has been a mistake an that Yellow team, representing Miss Phillipines, was actually the real winner. It was a nod at the infamous incident a while back.

Next, the sec 2 came up on the stage to perform their version if the popular soundtrack from Moana, “How Far I’ll Go”. Then, Chelsea, Sec1, Vanessa, JC1, and Nicole, Sec2, came up on the stage to dance to “Swalla” for us. They showed off their energetic hip-hop dance moves, receiving claps from the audience, showing we all enjoyed it. More of Chelsea’s many talents were showcased, and the next one was her skating video that was projected on the screen for everyone to watch. The video showed her skating in a competition in Singapore.

Here is the link to the video:

Next up was Vian, Jc1, and Electra’s, Sec4, performance of “Bring him home” which they sang together. Vian continued singing with Berliana, Jc2, to perform the song “Way back into love”.

Following these covers was the hydrocity video, which showcased 2 yellow team members, Dennis and Chrysilla, and their team won second place for Indonesia.

The second last performance came from some of our favourite teachers from Yellow team, Mr Rogel, Mr Adinas, Mr Firhad, Ms Wen, Ms Dian, Ms Tuty, etc.

Saving the best for last, the whole yellow team came on stage to perform “We Go Together”, which has been practiced again and again for weeks, and that ended the yellow team performance strongly.

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